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How You Motivate Yourself To Study: What Is Driving You To Study Hard? (Admission Essay Sample)


Paper instructions:
tell us how you motivate yourself to study or what is driving you
to study hard. Some tips, inspiration, lessons learned, etc may be
useful for readers.
no sources REQUIRED AND must be in first person.

Admission essay Name Institutional affiliation I have grown up in a family where everyone pays close attention to education and the benefits that education comes with. My siblings and I are always reminded that education is the key to success and my parents never fail to give an example of a cousin or other relatives who took their studies seriously and are now doing well in life. The fact that other people have succeeded to do very well in life by dedicating their time t studying is one of the factors that motivate me to study hard. Apart from that, I believe that my parents have made great sacrifices by committing their efforts towards ensuring that I get a better quality education. I don’t think I would have made this far without the sacrifices that my parents have made in terms of ensuring that my tuition fees as well as other educational expenses are catered for. Their sacrifice shows that they have a lot of faith in me and the fact that I don’t want to end up disappointing them motivates me to study harder. My family, relatives and friends have played an influential role in the achievements I have made so far. They always encourage me to work harder and don’t fail to point out where I have gone wrong and areas where I need to improve. The fact that both my family and friends care about my academic performance is another great motivator and the reason why I strive to study harder. I also believe that education is the best way through which each individual can ensure that their future and the future of t...
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