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Failure Is not an Option (Admission Essay Sample)


Paper instructions: . Michael Jordan, one of the most successful and famous athletes in the United States, was cut from his high school basketball team before creating a name for himself as the “greatest basketball player of all time,” according to the National Basketball Association. What would you do if you weren’t afraid of failure? Be sure to include Michael Jordan and Steve Jobs not being afraid of failure

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Failure is only defined as the state of one not being able to attain a desired goal or objective. However, failure can be viewed in a more positive way as a stepping stone and a wake-up call to do better. Different people view it in varying ways but is a refusal to fear failure that has led to many people who were seen as a failure to succeed in life. Failure is part of life, but the way one takes it is what matters.
If I were not afraid to failure, I would make tough decisions in life that I believe would be beneficial to me. Steve Jobs was a man who took tough decisions in his life. He at one point dropped out of college due fee problems (Campbell). By ridding myself of the fear of failure, I would embrace it as part of life. This would enable me to use setbacks so as to fuel my ambitions and motivation. A good example of a person who embraced failure in his life was Michael Jordan. Jordan chose to embrace it instead of fearing it. He believed that if one feared failure it would lead to limition one's potential success. It was Jordan's decision to take disappointments positively as this would help him learn from his mistakes (awesomeish). I would also embrace disappointments and, therefore, learn from my failures. This would grant me a chance to have better things to happen in my life.
Fear of failure leads to one losing hope of trying again in life. The motivation to do it again is lost when one fails. Fear of failure would reduce my hope of ever making it in life. However, this would not be the same if I were not to fear failure. Lack of the fear to fail would allow me try and try again until I achieve my goals and objectives. A failure in life would just be a motivation to try again and again until I succeed. This is another valuable lesson that can be learnt from Michael Jordan (awesomeish). He believed to be amongst the best basketball player in history. One of his most basic beliefs was that one had to keep on trying no matter what. Jordan believed that one cannot succeed without trying. This mentality would give me the right attitude that irrespective of the failures I encounter, I still have a chance of succeeding in life. Jordan believed that one should fear not trying, losing focus, and one not giving their best but not failure (awesomeish). Another factor the made Jordan to succeed was that he believed that failure was the path to success.<...
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