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Reasons For Pursuing International Law Degree In A International University (Admission Essay Sample)


Admission essay on reasons for pursuing international law degree in a international university

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I was born and brought up in Africa; a continent famous for harboring a superfluous of leaders lacking accountability for international legal regimes with reference to human rights, a continent ravaged by ethnic conflict, civil war, and extreme poverty. My motivation for international law comes from growing up in Africa and having experienced some of the misfortunes befalling Africans firsthand. I am driven by the belief that Africa and the world over need people with an in-depth understanding of international law to help ameliorate the deeply rooted culture impunity. Again, to me the study of International Law is a key to understanding the core problem facing Africa today.
I am an academically versatile individual who takes pride being in readership of any knowledgeable written material, especially materials related to international law. I have a Bachelors degree in Political Science (International Relations) from California State University Los Angeles. I have worked for the UN and *Democratic Headquarters. The two job placements have served me with impeccable experience relating to International Law. I have travelled throughout North and Sub-Saharan Africa, East and West Europe to familiarize myself with these regions. These travels have substantially enhanced my understanding of various cultures. I believe that su...
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