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Admission Letter (Admission Essay Sample)


The letter aims at seeking for an internship position in a reputable organization

Letter of intent
After completing a Business Administration degree (BBA), I intended to purse master degree in your learning institution. Currently, your learning institution has an exceptional reputation in training graduates students on the most effective ways of putting the class work theory into practice and advancing their career skills. Therefore, based on your institution’s reputation, I am highly opportunistic that I will have the opportunity of benefiting from your institution’s learning assets and skilled trainers.
My current academic recognition is appealing and can match with your institution’s expectations. I have attained First Class Honours in the Bachelor of Business Administration. I hope my first class honours will be a reliable asset in helping me pursue my master degree in your learning. I will also utilise the mastery of my class work theories that I attained in my bachelors degree to emerge as among the most successful graduate student. In addition, I have qualified for in-course scholarship in my college. Currently, I am planning to enrol for master’s degree program in business administration (MBA) in order to achieve my future dreams. I hope the master’s degree program will be vital in assisting me emerge as among the most successful leaders in modern reputable global market. Therefore, a learning experience in your learning institution as a student graduate will be useful in assisting me achieves my feature dream of becoming an innovative and a multidimensional leader.
So far, I have six years working experience in the marketing department. Recently, I have been working as sales representative in a reputable organisation. My marketing experience will be reliable in assisting me pursue my masters degree (MBA) in your institution. I will also use my experience in making critical academic researches essential in helping me succeed in my masters program. I will as well utilise your training manual and professional experience in ensuring that I acquire the necessary master’s competence vital in improving my employment opportunity in modern economy. In addition, I seek to expand my marketing skills by advancing my skills and competence in your dynamic and multicultural learning institution.
I am also confident that an opportunity to purse master degree in your institution will be a great pillar in assisting me attains my education and future career principle goal. In the future, I intend to advance the depth of my educating by practising my class work theories and development principles in real business setting. I also aspire to breadth my competence in the field of management and marketing by furthering my education. Based on the current development trend in learning institution, I believe that your organisation will be critical in assisting me attain my career objectives and dreams.
Importantly, I am objective that your learning institution will help me attain the necessary teamwork skills and competence. So far, your institution has received several awards for producing some of the most successful teamwork leaders. Therefore, a learning opportunity in your highly regarded institution will be vital in assisting me attain my career dream of becoming a successful and most productive team leader. I also hope and highly believe that the chance to advance my skills in your institution will be critical in assisting me develop the basic management and administration skills. Through interaction with your experienced managers and professionals, I am hopeful that your institution will be valuable in advancing my communication skills.
I also aspire to use the available learning opportunity in your productive college to develop my interpersonal and leadership skills as well as my strategic decisions making skills. I also intend to utilise your social responsibility programs in developing my social skills. The institution’s social responsibility initiatives will grant me the necessary opportunities of interacting with community members in a mutual and productive manner. The multinational nature of your college will also play a critical role in assisting me develop my skills regarding global theories and perspective. So far, I have learnt and understood all the necessary and most effective principles and theoretical framework that defines and describes international markets....
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