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Stаtеmеnt Оf Реrsоnаl Dеvеlорmеnt Management Assignment (Admission Essay Sample)


I am applying the fellowship qualification in UK, I need to do 7 steps to achieve this fellowship member.

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As I was almost finalizing on my Associate of Chartered Insurance Institute – ACII studies, my career as an insurance professional as i had chosen way back in the year 1998 took a totally different direction. I decided to move from Ping and Insurance Company, a contractor of all risks, a company I served as a claims executive, to ING Insurance Company Limited maintaining the same position of Claims Officer. The new opportunity came with massive knowledge expansion as it presented new avenues for venturing in varied activities like Entrusting and consulting varied carders of professionals such as the Legal Advisors, Medical Practitioners, Registered Occupational Therapists and Loss Adjusters. However, the professional expansion presented a number of challenges particularly associated with my own personal growth and development. In happened that the plan I had for my fellowship program was purely based on my personal professional growth and development as a claims officer and the concurrent pursuit and achievement of my objective “to make use of the available resources at my disposal at Ping and Insurance Company”. After drafting and formulating my Fellowship plan, I realized that it might not be possible for me to realize all of my set objectives at ING Insurance Company Limited because of factors purely beyond my control, a number of them being factors contributed by the environment. It is however for these reasons that were beyond my control that made me move to a different company that would enable me achieve my personal goals and objectives. However, fortunately enough, I was offered a position as a claims officer at HSBC Group Insurance Company in the year 2004. At, HSBC Group Insurance Company where I dealt with Approval of claim payment for the subordinates and handling Motor –specialized in Legal Cases (including personal injury liability claim and third party property damage claim), I was exposed to varied insurance modules.
Keeping the challenges in mind, the formulation of the Fellowship programme made me have a personal reflection on my career and the possible ways I could achieve all of my objectives and the possible ways I could deal with problems I encounter. The SWOT analysis of my Fellowship plan revealed the strengths and weaknesses I had in Claims insurance as a claims officer, an area I had gained experience in. One of my weakness was lack of experience in certain matters in claims insurance, a weakness I had to work on at AoN services Hong Kong Limited where I am currently a claims director. The opportunities at AoN services Limited offered me a chance to explore more about claims insurance. SWOT analysis revealed that the threats at hand related to the limited availability of time necessary to harness resources inorder to explore the opportunities before the changes in the external environment, particularly the market, occur. My biggest achievement is my Master’s degree in Law, specialized in International and Commercial Law which I completed last year.
Changes to plan
In the year 2012, I however realized that I could not achieve my objectives at Jardine Lloyd Thompson Limited where I was serving as a senior claims manager. This was because of reasons that were largely and greatly beyond my control. A number of firms in the insurance industry had started to make losses because of poorly forecasted insurance brokerage results. Due to loss of confidence in the insurance brokerage service, Jardine Lloyd Thompson Limited decided to revisit its focus as a result of continuous losses made by the business firm. Because of this, I realized that it would be hard for me to proceed, advance and grow to high hierarchy levels at Jardine Lloyd Thompson Limited. The reality that I could not advance and grow at Jardine Lloyd Thompson Limited as planned was a big source of my disappointment. This disappointment made me realize that there is much I need to learn in insurance.
Self-learning and awareness
Many a times, I found it much difficult to undertake necessary adjustments that would enable me become the best insurance claims officer. With much support from my previous manager at Jardine Lloyd Thompson Limited not forgetting my colleagues, i became an expert in insurance claim. The expertise enabled me land for a position of claims director at the prestigious
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