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Social Sciences
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Admission Essay Social Sciences Admission Services - Admission Essay (Admission Essay Sample)


This is the admission essay for graduate schools. I will attach the essay which I used to apply last year. Please re-write the essay to new one. You can refer previous essay but please dont copy and paste. I wrote my previous essay when I was in undergrad. I graduated this May and working in middle school to teach Mathematics and English. I want you to put my current status too.
The subject ares which I apply for graduate schools are:
-Civil Engineering with Environmental Systems, Geographic Information Science, Infrastructure Planning
-Engineering for International Development
-Environmental Systems Engineering
-Building and Urban Design in Development
-Environment and Sustainable Development
-Urban Development Planning
-Urban Economic Development
-Build Environment: Environmental Design and Engineering
Thank you for your kind understanding. Please let me know if you have questions.


Admission Essay
Dear Sir/ Madam, Graduate Admissions,
All nations require professionals in every field to ensure progressive growth and economic development. Excellent infrastructure is one of the significant factors that promote sustainable growth, and it alleviates poverty in low and middle-income countries. Like any other ambitious child, I was raised dreaming of pursuing a career that would enable me to address the issues and challenges affecting the world, especially poverty. Therefore, throughout my primary and tertiary studies, I kept building on this ambition and ensuring that all efforts were guiding me towards making it a reality. Many states have different levels of economic structures; when some continue to struggle with financial issues, others have a stable economy. Regardless of its scale, all nations face the same problem of limited resources, which requires technical expertise from professionals, who would develop solutions. I realized it and saw the need to become one of the experts to assist in mobilizing the available resources to achieve global infrastructural developments. 

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