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Social Sciences
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Social Work Statement of Purpose (Admission Essay Sample)

The concept of social work is based on respect for all people, promoting human dignity and worth in all aspects of life. Social workers are keen to help promote human well-being more so among vulnerable and oppressed populations. This personal statement highlighted the Reasons and Experiences for Choosing Social Work as a Profession. source..
Name Tutor Course Date Reasons and Experiences for Choosing Social Work as a Profession The major reason I choose social work as a profession is to oversee the implementation of social justice. I am committed to bringing positive change in my society through individual and collective community actions following the rise in social problems such as poverty, substance abuse, homelessness, domestic abuse, and mental illnesses. This has increased the number of vulnerable populations in need social services. Undertaking a master’s degree in social work will equip me with the necessary knowledge, skills, and experience to empower these vulnerable populations to liberate themselves from the problems they encounter on a daily basis. This follows my commitment to promote the wellbeing and quality of life for the vulnerable who consistently face social disadvantages. My experience as a family health practitioner has also affected my decision to pursue a career in social work. I have worked as a family counsellor in the U.S Navy since 2015 which has given me a great passion in the planning and implementation of various interventions to help families overcome their challenges. In the course of my practice, I have also managed to oversee the eradication of neighbourhood challenges such as insecurity through community dialogue. This has taught me the need to develop human potential at the grassroot level to address the social problems that plague the contemporary communities. Therefore, as a social worker, I will get to empower, advocate, and motivate more community members to initiate collaborative change for the betterment of our society. Social Work Career Interests. The social work career area that I desire to bring the most positive change is military welfare. Having worked in the military for over five years, I am passionate about the servicemen and women for the degree of sacrifice they make for our country. However, I have witnessed most of them turn into a vulnerable group following injuries sustained in the line of duty. Therefore, I look forward to extending welfare services to such soldiers by helping them reintegrate into to the community after deployment or injury in the line of duty. Additionally, my experience in the military also gives me a vast knowledge on veteran cultures that will go along way in the planning and implementation of programs that offer support for service members and their families. Personal Strengths that I Bring into the Profession. My personal attributes also make me a great fit to be a social worker. To being with, I am highly sensitive to the plight of others, something I developed as a family counsellor in the Navy. This degree of empathy ensures that I understand and relate with my clients in social work practice. I understand that the vast majority of the people I will serve are usually in a crisis and suffer emotional distress. As a result, most clients will not open up and discuss their issues if they feel that their social worker is out of touch with their realities. However, being an empathetic person will ensure that I care for these clients in an understanding manner by placing myself in their lives. This makes me relatable to a diverse group of clients to empower them deal with their problems. I am also very patient when dealing with people. Most of the cases I deal with as a family counsellor are complex and need time to be resolved fully. The cases also involve several parties that need time to reach their decisions. Additionally, clients in emotional distress need time to develop trust before they open up. My patience will ensure that I do not get frustrated with the clients or the processes in social work practice too soon. In addition to being patient, I also possess good communication and interpersonal skills. These are key to the roles played by a social worker as they interact with people on a day to day basis. As a result, I will not only understand the information provided by the clients on their underlying problems but will also get my message across to empower them to deal with these challenges. Finally, I am culturally sensitive after dealing with clients from different ethnic backgrounds in my role as a counsellor. Social workers have clients from several communities with different ways of doing things. For this reason, I believe that those who understand the traditions, cultures, and norms of their clients are better placed to deliver personalized care without stereotyping. As such, I bring into the profession a rich knowledge of various cultural and religious practices which will help me exercise sensitivity towards the clients’ beliefs. Additionally, understanding the cultural practices of my colleagues, clients, and their families will also help me to provide culturally appropriate care by avoiding the commonly held stereotypes that are offensive. My Vision10 Years from Now in the Field of Social Work My vision 10 years from now is to have a robust social welfare system for the military personnel who put their lives on the line for the country. I look forwarding to spearheading the establishment of helpful community resources and services for these servicemen and women to offer them economic, emotional, and psychological support. I hope that in ten years we will boast of having benefits such as counselling, therapy, and rehabilitation for the soldiers that are so effective to prevent mental illnesses including post-traumatic stress disorder, substance abuse, anxiety, depression and suicide. Additionally, as a family counsellor, I look forward to strengthening military families by offering psycho-educational training not only to the soldiers but also to the family members whom they leave behind during deployment. In so doing, I will have the confidence that our military personnel are mentally and emotionally healthy which will make social work a rewarding career for me. Major Social Issue that Professional Social Workers Should Address A major social issue that need urgent attention is the existing health disparities for the veterans who form part of the vulnerable populations with limited access to health services. They are highly predisposed to injuries in the line of duty that adversely affects their health, reduces the quality of life, and diminished income sources. Additionally, some veterans, like other vulnerable populations lack access to clean water, food, and decent housing which further worsens their health. As a social worker professional, I have an obligation to promote social justice by striving to promote access to health resources for all people. Therefore, I believe in spearheading health promotion interventions that address the existing health risks for the veterans through the provision of various welfare services. Through various lobbying efforts, we can push for political goodwill to increase budgetary allocation on health for the veterans. Ethical Practice as per the National Association of Social Workers (NASW) Code of Ethics. The NASW highlights six core values for social work practice namely social justice, service, dig...
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