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Highlighting the internship experience (Admission Essay Sample)


Admission essay written for student seeking admission in the Owen school of management. The task is to skillfully describe the internship experience the student has and more so highlight it as equivalent to the real-time experience.

Respected Admission committee,
I am pleased to take this opportunity to present my candidature to you. I highly appreciate this opportunity because it allows me to elaborate on my eligibility to study the prestigious MBA course from ‘Owen Graduate School of Management’. Please allow me to highlight some of the non-conventional facts with reference to my work exposure and competitive exam score. I request your consideration of these facts because of their authenticity.
I would like to establish two objectives through this essay: (a) to represent the real-time work experience that I gained during my internship with the University and Boston Healthcare Associates (b) my performance in the university subjects and the additional courses I pursued as part of my academic interest. The above mentioned objectives become evident for 3 reasons: Firstly, my leadership performance while managing the student government administration for 2 years at my university, Secondly, the Boston Healthcare associates work experience where I could single-handedly manage an entire project that allowed me to bring out the manager inside me and lastly, the excellent grade point average (GPA) scores that I have earned consistently in every semester.
During my work tenure with the University, I could successfully manage the challenges of learning the ‘student government’ business domain and real-time implementation of the available expertise. I could appreciate three areas of management through my work experience: (1) Management through leadership, (2) Administration and (3) Financial management.
Management through leadership became part of my work routine as I effectively lead a team of 75 treasurers at the university. The crucial challenges during my work were people management and financial management. I could efficiently allocate a $1.2 million budget within 75 student organizations and senior university administrators. Consequently there was 200% elimination of unnecessary expenses and all student organizations and senior university administrators received adequate share of their funds for the event hosting activity.
Similar to my work experience my learning experience was equally fruitful. Being an equally effective facilitator for every stakeholder in the student government office, with due care to appreciate the concern of each treasurer; I learnt to effectively coordinate and cooperate with numerous people as part of my budget management activity.
In terms of my GMAT and SAT score, I believe that I may not have made it up to the score benchmarked for admission in Owen....
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