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Admission Essay (Personal Statement Sample)


Write a personal statement in approximately three pages


Admission Essay
Having come from Taiwan was not such an easy. Through hard work, integrity and diligence, my father was able to take me through the first stages of education. He is a business man back home where he has been working tirelessly to make sure I get a good education. Four years ago, I got to the United States with my luggage. I was amazed when I landed to just experience the atmosphere. However, I knew it was not going to be an easy thing considering I could hardly converse in English. Being a foreigner who only knew some bit of English was not an easy thing at all. I knew I had to work extra hard to improve on my English.
Owing to the fact that I was here to pursue my education and make my parents proud, I knew my journey would have to be full of hard work. When I joined high school in the country, I could hardly speak in English. Back then I can recall, I only knew and understood a few phrases here and there. In class, all I could do was accord people a smile for the next four years. It was even worse when it came to learning since all the subjects were offered in English. I hardly had any pals through my high school career. This was due to my miserable language skills. Nonetheless, I vividly understood that I had to learn fast if I wanted to experience the diversity in this country.
Once I joined college, I knew I had to make much better improvements. Therefore, I enrolled for English classes were I had been attending thrice every week. This tremendously improved my language skills. Not only did I start making friends in school, but also landed a job at a Chinese restaurant. The only problem was the fact that the English I...
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