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Statement of Purpose (Personal Statement Sample)

Statement of purpose presented seeking university admission source..
Insert Name Instructor Class Date Statement of purpose of MBA program My life and working experiences, coupled with the indisputable desire to understand the world around, have played a fundamental role in developing a strong passion to advance my career in business management. My overarching reason for applying for the MBA program at Golden Gate University is the genuine aspiration to accomplish my satisfaction of becoming a mid-level manager in a financial management area. I also anticipate benefiting from the insight and extent of knowledge offered under the MBA program (Bruce 40). Learning personal and business development strategies as a professional manager in addition to learning effective decision making strategies are other benefits I aspire to obtain by enrolling in the MBA program. My classroom and workplace experiences have enormously contributed to my increased desires and interests of advance my business career (Slater 435). In my experiences as a financial management team member at Samsung, I have lead my team in executing a plethora of roles that enabled the company to launch a research management system. Coupled with my personal interests, lifelong ambitions and professional experiences, I believe that Golden Gate University holds the key that I need to further my career and gain advanced knowledge in business management. My journey is life has been rather tough. During my high school years, I never had a stable family after my family separated. I lacked passion the passion to further my education because I lacked direction to an extent that I was not able to differentiate an engineer from a financial manager. This describes the effects of lacking goals and directions in life. Before I moved to the US, I worked as a financial analyst for a fortune 50 ranking company. I pictured living the American dream with freedom, better living standards, and wider visions in life. With these aspirations, I immigrated to the US to find a bright future. In the midst of the excitement and lack of proper advice, I decided to pursue a different career path. I enrolled for a nursing course but later realized that a medical career was not my calling. I was not getting as much job satisfaction and excitement as compared to my job as a retail store manager. My roles as a store manager included but not limited to drawing budget plans for the store and implementing and updating daily processes at the store. Eventually, I rejoined Samsung in January 2012 as a financial management team member. I am a self-driven and diligent person. My key attributes include creativity, flexibility, friendliness, and problem solving skills. Respecting and valuing work ethics, rules, and guidelines are one of the tenets that I hold highly. I find it worthwhile to seek advice from professionals and support centers within the University, and I plan to utilize the mentorship support at Golden Gate University to gain mutual benefits and expand my professional development network. I have learned valuable lessons in my entire career. My work experience as a new manager in the United States enabled me to realize my passion in financial management. This called for the need to develop my leadership skills (Maschke 297), sharpen my decision making skills, and understand the skills needed to excel as a top management executive. My hard work, discipline, and self-motivation will enable me to excel and draw closer towards the realization of my dreams and aspira...
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