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Admission essay for Information Management (Personal Statement Sample)


An Admission essay for university application

Admission essay for Information Management
I have a huge passion for a career in information management. I have been keen on this field ever since I was in High school. This is the sole reason why I had to do a lot of research on information management via reading books and attending numerous related seminars. I was able to cement my ambition for a career in information science and I am assured beyond any doubts it is what I will be contented doing.
This university is my first choice since I understand it offers professional assistance to each student in their quest to succeed. Furthermore, the university offers a serene environment that is perfect for studying. In addition the university offers opportunity for further career development through placement and training in Key I.T fraternities within and outside the institution. . I am particularly attracted by the in depth approach to the courses that make up in information management as illustrated in the course outline.
Information management is a wide course covering different disciplines such as management of information services, database administration, knowledge administration, Records management, security and networking. Out of these disciplines I have a keen interest in database management, data security and networking. I am also engrossed by the research opportunities offered in information management. I am currently pursuing a course in computer network as I get ready for a career in Information management. The knowledge and skills gained so far from this course is really versatile and has proved that I have a lot to achieve in the field of Information management. I know this university will be a stepping stone as I begin the journey of my career.
Computer Network Management
The world is nowadays linked into one big network as a result of the internet. The structure, platform and functionality of a network fascinate me. This was aroused ever since I started using the internet and curiosity took over. Initially I based my research on the internet but after ascertaining that the internet is just a global network of computers, I decided to understand the network from the grassroots level up. I have done lots of research and attended many seminars on computer network management. I intend to pursue a course in the same as I deem it to be my career.
I choose this university for it offers training geared towards integration into the high tech and ever-changing ...
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