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Personal Statement
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Personal Statement for Doctorate Program in Adult Education (Personal Statement Sample)


The student was required to submit a personal statement to secure a place at a university for his Doctorate Program in Adult Education.

Personal Statement
I have been intrigued by the world of academics ever since I joined high school. Having been born and bred in Saudi Arabia, a rather conservative nation, I identified a gap in education provision, specifically when it came to adult education and empowerment. Additionally, the Saudi Arabian curriculum offers two alternatives- Science or Managerial tracks. I selected the latter because of my father’s influence and graduated with exceptional grade, scoring 89 percent in the year 2000. I believe that I can be that catalyst to transform and revolutionize the adult education sector, including its various communities, institutions and settings that influence learning. It has always been my passion to help adults participate more democratically, successfully, and wholly in institutions, organizations, communities, and society, which essentially amounts to dispelling the notion that emphasis ought to be placed on the youth alone.
I completed my undergraduate studies in Environmental Science (King Abdul Aziz University, Saudi Arabia) in 2004, after which I secured a job with the Municipality of Almadinah. I worked as an Environmental Protection Specialist in the Department of Environmental Health, a challenging, yet rewarding position. I helped to conduct projects such as environmental sanitation and solid waste management, a position that gave me insight into the insufficiency of knowledge among the adult population. Working as s supervisor and within a committee to solve the Municipal’s pollution problems, I honed my team work and leadership skills. I interacted with a lot of professionals from diverse backgrounds, implying that my communication skills had to be at best. I also found myself volunteering to teach other employees various environmental rules and how to go about their jobs. Despite the cumbersome nature of the work, my prioritization and organization made it less stressing.
In 2014, I graduated with an MA in Human Resource Development from Bowie State University, United States. This discipline enabled me to acquire insightful perspectives regarding leadership, curriculum design, adult learning, planning, training, and technology. I learnt hot to apply theoretical and pragmatic models at individual, group, and the organizational levels. Most significantly, the course assisted me to gain skills in producing an Informational Handbook for new and aspirant deans.
In the course of my life, I have discovered that my life’s mission is to trigger change in the fields I hold dear, particularly in adult education as I strive to transform the society. I will always try to give back to the society in form of knowledge that I acquire through education and individual practical ex...
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