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Personal Statement (Personal Statement Sample)


I was to write a personal statement on why the client was interested on the master degree he/she was applying for.


Personal Statement
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Personal Statement
As a child, my parents were not around due to the nature of their work. As a result, my grandmother who was a nurse raised me. While several other individuals take the chance of having good health for granted, the low-income of others have the profound effect on them and their perception of the society. Individuals from the low socio-economic backgrounds experience poor health outcomes. From my experience as a child who spent the best part of his childhood with a nurse, health care disparities are in arrears, in part, to hurdles in medical care access in addition to utilization of primary health care services. The underserved communities lack family physicians, health care insurance cover and enough finances to settle their health bills. The ambition of my grandmother to work passionately as a nurse despite the low income naturally drew me to the medical field. When my grandmother was on call, she had no choice but to take me with her. It was through these interactions with my grandmother that I began to admire her hard work and dedication displayed by her patients. It was my grandmother’s act of selflessness that sparked my interest in nursing.
My ambitions of becoming a nurse came to a halt when I realized microbiology and subsequent courses was neither something I enjoyed nor was good at. It was then that I came to the conclusion nursing may not be the appropriate career path for me. I hoped that my success and effectiveness as a social worker would predicate my skills and ability to harmonize my ambitions of assisting the community and my sole purpose as a person. I went back to the drawing board and recognized I could still be of assistance to my community, which lead me to pursue a career in Social Work. Therefore, I had to answer any low-income bewildered aspects with the guarantee that my capacity as a social worker will give me the chance to serve the society as well as achieve my lifetime goals and decisively holding the believe in societal balance. However, after several years in the Social Work/ Human Services field, I have realized that I am far more invigorated by the questions of politics and public policy issues facing our health care sector. There is no doubt that our health care system is flawed in terms of public policies. The policy-based problem of our health care system becomes much critical owing to its effectiveness in vulnerable populations. My interest in understanding this issue of health care and public policy that led to my decision to change my career path and seek a career in healthcare administration.
Although I will complete my master’s degree this fall thus qualify for many positions in the healthcare industry, there are several other benefits that will accrue to my success if I am selected for the Johns Hopkins Medicine (JHM) fellowship. The opportunity for a hands-on clinical experience would present a viable opportunity to nurture my qualitative skills. Furthermore, by gaining further insight regarding methodologies such as the Six Sigma Approach and its role in patient service, I will afford the opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of how to apply first hand ...
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