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Application Paper (Personal Statement Sample)


This is an Application Paper

Application Paper
With the knowledge, skills, and experience gained in the previous years, I feel and know that I can become an outstanding Ambassador for Monash University. In my previous years, I have undertaken various roles and activities that have awarded me skills, knowledge, and experience that would help me to undertake future activities and roles successfully. I have been assigned several roles and positions, all of which yielded positive and appealing results.
My future aspirations lay in becoming a prominent business person or to be among the top ranking business or organization managers. To achieve my goal, I know that it requires one to have good interpersonal and communication skills, presentation skills, teamwork, networking, as well as good office experience. Through the previous works and activities, I have gained a substantive level of these skills that I believe would propel me in achieving my goal. Additionally, my Monash University degree in business would further endow me with knowledge about business or organization administration, which would help me to achieve my vision. Moreover, the relationship and interaction with my fellow course mates would enable me to improve my interpersonal, communication, teamwork, and networking skills. The University also has top ranking and knowledgeable professors who are friendly and willing to assist anyone in achieving his or her goals. I perfectly believe that my degree from Monash University would be a good propeller to achieve my vision.
Furthermore, in the previous years, I have undertaken several community activities as well as leadership roles and positions that would further mold me in achieving my vision. Through these activities and roles, I have undergone through challenges that I managed to overcome. Among the multiple activities and roles, the ones that I feel were relevant in shaping my vision were mostly based at Truman State University, where I was once the Vice President (VP) of AMA (American Marketing Association). As the VP of the world’s top ranking professional student association, I was in charge of its Truman website, where my role was to update new information, taking and posting photos from various AMA events. I also discussed and guided the other association’s affiliates about guess speaking, where I prepared them to be good speakers. Additionally, I made plans and schedules of the association for each semester. My other mandate was to vet and recruit new members.
Additionally, I was one of the executives who organized an event dubbed ‘Across Vietnam’ that was hosted by Vietnamese Student Association at Truman University in 2013. The aim of the event was to introduce and popularize the Vietnamese culture to both the American and the international students. My role was a stylist, in which I groomed the staffs as well as over 40 presenters of the event. I was also mandated to find, buy, and deliver souvenirs, traditional stuff, and other Vietnamese cultural materials. To ensure a successful and intriguing event, the other executives and I held frequent meetings through Skype as well as face to face. We embraced teamwork by sharing ide...
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