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Statement of Purpose (Personal Statement Sample)


A personal statement on why i intend to pursue an MBA.

Statement of purpose
I believe taking an MBA course calls for unqualified willpower and a strong character. Recently, there has a rapid integration across previously confining borders in the business world, and any person with high aspirations in this field should possess a global outlook and be knowledgeable on the realities of various international arenas. Having learnt fundamental values, such as perseverance, patience and focus, early in life, I believe I am well equipped to take any challenge that my academic journey may present. I believe that knowledge is only acquired through open eyes and working hands, and that any kind of knowledge is power. I have natured my biggest dream of heading a successful firm since my sophomore year. It is this same dream that I need to fulfill by studying an MBA. I am exceptional and uniquely privileged to have a diverse professional and academic background, which has exposed me to varied peoples, continents, languages and cultures. This exposure has prepared me for the challenges and demands of the MBA program offered in your institution.
I have always set my goals higher than those of my peers, which has always set me apart from the crowd. My first big decision was pursuing a bachelor’s degree in public relations at King Saud University in Saudi Arabia. I received an exceptionally valuable learning experience as a result of the sophistication of the course, as well as the proficiency of my tutors. This degree equipped me with adequate knowledge on various public relations issues. I engrossed myself in numerous co-curricular activities during my undergraduate education, such as sports and music, since I believe that an all-round student is better positioned for life’s challenges.
After graduation from King Saud University, I worked as an assistant official claims officer in an insurance firm in Saudi Arabia for one year and four months. This position gave me a hands-on experience of the real job situation, while providing an avenue for me to practice the public relations skills I had acquired from the university. In this position, I learnt how to develop and maintain lasting relationships with clients, as well as ways of devising marketing strategies. After one year and four months working in the insurance company, my thirst for knowledge and the desire to improve my skills and be the best I can be called me out again. I needed to seek more power through knowledge, so I enrolled for a Masters of business process management at Queensland University of Technology. During my employment at the insurance firm, I realized that with further education in business process management, I would be able to handle the challenges associated with higher ranks in any organization. I acquired essential skills from this program, making me proficient in process management and business analysis. I also hold a certificate of a qualified business analyst.
The values of perseverance, patience and focus that I learnt early in life served as my stepping stone throughout my academic journey. Challenging as it has been, I only have to look back at the morals my parents instilled in me and renew my strength to overcome any obstacles. I am determined to achieve my dream of being the head of a large and successful organization, but I know that this is not an easy task. I am not easily deterred by academic, professional or general life challenges. Instead, I embrace them and use them as a learning experience.
In spite of my academic achievements, I s...
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