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Personal Statement for Master's Degree in Nutritional Science (Personal Statement Sample)


in 2-pages, please explain why you should be admitted to Master’s Degree in Nutritional Science

Personal Statement
Dietetics has a unique appeal in my life. My passion for dietetics emanated from the positive influence of dietitians on the society, as demonstrated by my uncle, who is a successful community dietitian. My aim is to gain as much knowledge as possible in this field so that I can make a positive impact on the international community. I am normally disturbed by the high rate of obesity and other nutrition-related diseases. I envision a happier society that is free from nutrition-related illnesses. This is what lured me to pursuing Food and Nutrition at the University of Southern Indiana. Honestly, for the past four years I have been at the university, learning has been an adventure for me. The university’s willingness to develop professionals, resources, culture and interpersonal relations has helped me to gain comprehensive knowledge, which has enabled me to better understand the science behind food and nutrition and its benefits to the society. Although I am just about to graduate, I feel that my thirst for knowledge in this field has not been fully quenched. It is my hope that a Master’s Degree in Nutritional Science will give me the knowledge that I desperately need.
I am also pursuing the Master’s program to meet my academic goals. My area of research interest entails the determination of diets that could efficiently and effectively reduce obesity and other nutrition-related diseases. Obesity is a dangerous disease that opens the door to other illnesses such as heart disease among others. This program will equip me with comprehensive research skills that will enable me to do more research on food and nutrition. Besides, I am highly interested in working with like-minded people during the program so that, together, we can formulate a more solid solution to the nutritional problems facing the global fraternity. The Master’s Degree will also act as a gateway toward the attainment of a Ph.D. Degree in the future.
My professional goal is to become an internationally accredited dietitian so that I can extend my influence beyond the Indian borders. That is why I am highly interested in advancing my studies in an internationally accredited university. Nutritional problems are everywhere around the world, and I feel that it is my responsibility to contribute to the development of a long lasting solution. In this regard, I plan to specialize as a Research Dietitian in the future. This specialization will give me the opportunity to contribute to the expansion of knowledge in areas of dietetics, by planning and implementing projects that...
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