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MSc Management and Innovation (Personal Statement Sample)


This personal statement explains why the student is fit for a master's degree enrollment. It explains the learner's education journey and why they need to be considered for further studies. The writer describes his interests, values, and characters that may be considered by the university to grant him a chance to pursue a master's degree. The author highlights the factors that motivated him to study management at the graduate level. The writer also uses this opportunity to outline his career goals, including becoming an effective leader and having the ability to manage global organisations.


Student’s Name
Professor’s Name
Management MSc
Clear-headed and ambitious individuals dream of achieving, at least, a postgraduate degree in competitive institutions, and I am a perfect example of these people. I have always dreamed of studying Management at the graduate level and specifically at UCL throughout my academic journey. I believe and hope that time for achieving these goals has come and that soon I will call it mission accomplished! I have previously heard about UCL's MSc Management. UCL is among the highly competitive international programmes that deliver graduates who can motivate others and develop dynamic and competitive environments. To get equipped with knowledge and skills for leading global organizations, I need to study Management at the graduate level in a great institution like UCL.
Two factors have motivated me to choose to study Management at the graduate level. First, Management has been one of the most exciting modules throughout my academic journey. This course has taught me how to manage and work with people across all cultures. As a professional manager, I have learned that I need to have skills such as forming teams through being an authentic speaker and an authentic listener. These skills have already helped me as a team leader of our group, where I manage all the team members to do the presentation every day and make business reports at the end of the exhibition.
Second, I need to study Management to further my managerial skills. The knowledge acquired here will be crucial for my future career as I prepare to manage complex businesses in the changing world. I understand that the 21st business world requires managers who can adapt to different business requirements, such as monitoring innovative programmes to enhance business survival. Therefore, the managerial skills that I will gain from this course will help me learn how to

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