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Annotated Bibliography Focusing on Business (Annotated Bibliography Sample)




BTM Week 3
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Münstermann, B., Eckhardt, A., & Weitzel, T. (2010). The performance impact of business process standardization: An empirical evaluation of the recruitment process. Business Process Management Journal, 16(1), 29-56.
In this research journal, the author relatively shows that the process of business standardization has repercussions on the performance of different business processes. In his content of the empirical research analysis on the behavioral office management on business performance, they proposed some empirical research findings and dimensions that quickly and adequately check on the results of how the office holders in different business firms and organizations operate. How is the efficiency and effectiveness of the behavior to the entire performance of the organization? In their practicality, contribution and through their suggestions, they laid a foundation with the essence that, the office holders or the management team should always take the most involving action to ensure that the business process management is successful. They also embraced that, the inclusion of standardization process in different office of management performance is of a higher significance since it will change and control the behaviors that appear destructive in the focused business organizations.
Harter, J. K., Schmidt, F. L., Asplund, J. W., Killham, E. A., & Agrawal, S. (2010). Causal impact of employee work perceptions on the bottom line of organizations. Perspectives on Psychological Science, 5(4), 378-389.
The authors expounded on the possible business outcomes that are determined by the perceptions and behaviors from employees. When office administrators or managers character are not that friendly to the fellow employees, they are likely to deny the potential artifacts that can lead to the growth of that company or business organization. For example, immoral immature behaviors and untrustworthy which are seen to be widespread in both private and public pertained business sectors normally cause huge losses. In this article, the authors draw conclusions on the ethics of behavior and the psychological morality that is best operated on the framework principles deducing on the dishonesty as they categorizes the forcing issues into visibility, reminding and self-involvement. The main author’s objective in this paper is to discourage the act of dishonesty as they purpose on effectiveness as they try to give morality a lead. Also, they motivated the employers to be self–engaging in the programs related to the business performance and this brings positivity, moral activism and changes the actual behavior of the office crews.
Pearson, C. (2010). The cost of bad behavior: How incivility is damaging your business and what to do about it. Human Resource Management International Digest, 18(6).
In this article, Pearson focused on how those in office can organize themselves to a team which operates on the creativity and major on the ideas of better off in leadership and innovations. He intends to explain that a business firm having stakeholders with consistent bad or irrelevant behavior and thoughts can course heavy losses and damages in the business in terms of performance. With further research, he highlighted on the major actions and plans that can deal with irresponsible behaviors that shoots the general business growth and performance in respective companies.
Brudan, A. (2010). Rediscovering performance management: systems, learning and integration. Measuring Business Excellence, 14(1), 109-123.
The purpose of this article is to give the conceptual aim and advantage of the review in the management of any business performance. It deduce that the type of leadership is always the determinant of the progress in any business empire, the probability of the growth and improvement on any anchored plans depends on the strategies that has been aired by the firm itself. In his findings, he found that there are some upcoming issues that affect the organization and they are highly accelerated towards management and business, integrations, different learning prospects and systematic thoughts are of a high lead when focused on and put the activities into the necessary department. This paper draws conclusion on research with the experience of Brudan, its implications is based on the suggestions on how to improve on the office behavior and governance and this will change the management of business performance. In addition, the extension research and suggestions on the effects of office behavior management and business performance through systematic thinking paves way and gives the platforms for improving ones characters when holding an office.
Robbins, S., Judge, T. A., Millett, B., & Boyle, M. (2013). Organisational behaviour. Pearson Higher Education AU.
The relevance of this paper is define organizational behaviour, how different individuals occupying various office positions in separate organizations work and is the behavior unethical when treating others may be during recruitment, they tried to explore on how attitude, job satisfaction, personality and values, moods and emotions brings positivity or negativity in the organization and how they involve in decision making processes. The authors general thought circle at the same perception that good communication, understanding each other during work process, good leadership can raise the level of an organization and of all they pointed out at conflict resolution is of moral value and it should be enhanced through either arbitration and negotiation.
Redmon, W. K., Mawhinney, T. C., & Johnson, C. M. (2013). Handbook of organizational performance: Behavior analysis and management. Routledge.
In this book the authors provided a background on the introduction to organization activities such as behavior analysis, management and the performance. They used some learning based conditions and principles to monitor human behavior, does the behavior seems to be bound or they are verbal and how is the influence to the performance of business management. They used research questions and designs to come up with conclusions on how to improve on the service delivery through team reinforcement in both performance and analysis.
Hill, C., Jones, G., & Schilling, M. (2014). Strategic management: theory: an integrated approach. Cengage Learning.
This book has its theory based on the author’s knowledge on the type of leadership that can be achieved from unethical behaviors that might be existing from one office to another. An office action and behavior can always determine the nature and type of completion an organization can have and that is said be to both limitation and importance. Proper management and monitored behaviors in any business firm concerned with the moral attitudes, the organization is likely to involve in a superior performance, with the relevancies of the managers in the corporate level and the business level, their reaction automatically changes the outlook giving room to other activities of which is not such concessive and predictive. Also, the support from the office can raise the quality value through excellence and Reliability, since the business exists in the world of competition the office of innovation keenly addresses the needs of their competent customers as they improve on the service delivery and this can only be achieved through behavioral change in the office act and management. The authors went in details in the section of the strategy and discussed the effects of unchanged behavior in the competitive world of business performance.
Kim, S., & Park, H. (2013). Effects of various characteristics of social commerce (s-commerce) on consumers’ trust and trust performance. International Journal of Information Management, 33(2), 318-332.
In this journal, the authors review is based on the scientific knowledge and inventories in the performance of a business, they bases their knowledge on the paradigm of social commerce which co-relates to e-commerce as a major challenge in the office in the present world and the near future. For instance, the participants present their thought in relation to the observations and research in Korea shows that through this a number of transactions, communication, made deliveries has been improved and the customers have fully developed trust and made it normal factor because the s- commerce has changed the business management and performance to the expectation of the companies managerial team.
Simons, R. (2013). Levers of control: How managers use innovative control systems to drive strategic renewal. Harvard Business Press.
In this book Simon, discussed the respective ways that is how managers through innovation move towards the business management and performances and bring the required change. This book focuses on the basic information which is concerned with control systems under management; it also circulates on the control systems managers’ use to convey and process information within their organizations. He later clarified from his definition that control management system is use by different managers to either stick to or change the patterns in the activities taking place in an organization.
Leblebici, D. (2012). Impact of workplace quality on employee’s productivity: case study of a bank in Turkey. Journal of Business Economics and Finance, 1(1), 38-49.
The world of economists and entrepreneurs is in a constant motion of change in the business management and the entitled performances. In the coming generation both management and performances are expected to grow steadily due to the implementation’s and developments that are yet to occur and this will improve on the customers delivery and even the employees withi...
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