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Servant Leadership: Bloom’s Taxonomy Annotated Bibliography (Annotated Bibliography Sample)


Use theBloom’s Taxonomy to discuss three peer reviewed papers on servant leadership.


Servant Leadership: Bloom’s Taxonomy
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Servant Leadership: Bloom’s Taxonomy
The Bloom’s Taxonomy analyze level, which relates to the analysis of relationships, elements, and organization of articles, will be applied to examine the study by Gandolfi and Stone (2018). Leadership, leadership styles, and servant leadership. The authors ensured that there is a flow of ideas within the article. The organization of the paper is flawless since the evidence shows that the authors conducted thorough research. For instance, the article's opening sentence highlights the need to shift focus from leadership to the concept of servant leadership. To back their claims, the authors provide several reasons for their thinking, such as the current leadership crisis as well as the complex and challenging nature of leadership, leading to new challenges and questions about the most appropriate leadership style (Gandolfi & Stone, 2018). Moreover, there is a drawing connection of ideas throughout the paper. The authors highlight that there is no clear understanding of the leadership phenomenon, despite the large body of research that exists concerning why servant leadership should be explored further. They argued that it is imperative for one first to discuss what leadership entails in order to understand the concept of servant leadership. The authors opined that there exists little research about the topic of servant leadership in comparison to the other traditional models of leadership styles such as transformational, transactional, and democratic leadership. The authors discussed the significance of leadership in detail. In addition, they defined leadership and leadership styles, as well as stating what true effective leadership means. Moreover, they discussed the historical context of servant leadership, the what, why, and how of servant leadership, and offered their concluding remarks. These elements of the paper ensured that clarity about leadership and the concept of servant leadership is achieved with any fragmentation of ideas. The reader can easily flow with the ideas and make an informed conclusion about the central theme of the article.

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