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Enterprise Risk Management Business & Marketing Annotated Bibliography (Annotated Bibliography Sample)


this is an annotated bibliography on the field of enterprise risk management.


Enterprise Risk ManagementStudents Name Institution Affiliation
Enterprise Risk Management
Blanco-Mesa, F., Rivera-Rubiano, J., Patiño-Hernandez, X., & Martinez-Montaña, M. (2019). The importance of enterprise risk management in large companies in Colombia. Technological and Economic Development of Economy, 25(4), 600-633.
The main focus of this study is to determine the critical aspect within the concept of enterprise risk identification (ERI) and more importantly, in the case of the present relationship between company’s risk goals within the context of Colombians companies. As per the study, the study aims at introducing the concept of using both parametric and non-parametric analysis in carrying out the research. In facilitating the analyses of the research, the researchers did use the multiple linear regression towards identifying the essential aspect in ERI. Additionally, the Bonferroni Induced Weighted Average Adequacy Co-efficient was used towards determining the relationship between the identified risk and the perception of the risk managers. Out of the study, it was concluded that from a holistic approach in which the executive team members should give the risk managers objectives and appropriate tools when it comes to the management of uncertain contexts that are related to risk and its management.
Silva, J. R., Silva, A. F. da, & Chan, B. L. (2019). Enterprise Risk Management and Firm Value: Evidence from Brazil. Emerging Markets Finance & Trade, 55(3), 687–703.
As per this study, the modern-day approach to risk has taken a new approach with the adoption of the enterprise risk management. As per the study, internationally, there is an increased appetite in adopting modern day in dealing with risk from the traditional perspective of managing risk, in which modern day managers are transitioning from the traditional risk management approach to modern day enterprise risk management. In validating the importance of migrating from TRM to ERM, this study focuses on finding the relationship between ERM and firms’ value among 649 companies that are listed in the IBrX100, on the Brazilian stock market. The study was conducted between 2004 and 2013. From the finding, it was concluded that there exists a positive relationship between a firm’s value and the adoption of enterprise risk management approach. More importantly, the finds from this case study can be supported by other previous studies that have been carried out previously.

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