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Diploma in Business Administration: Green Heaters Pty Ltd (Annotated Bibliography Sample)


business administration

Diploma in Business Administration
Institution Affiliation:
Green Heaters Pty Ltd
ACN 512 302 XXX
Executive summary
This report discusses official documents for the Green Heaters Company. It gives an explanation on how they should be prepared, examples and methods to use for employees to adhere to them accordingly. At the end of the report, a sample of an internal memorandum is created to acknowledge the employees to use information on the provided materials.
Table of Contents TOC \o "1-3" \h \z \u Introduction PAGEREF _Toc473854686 \h 5Developing standard documents PAGEREF _Toc473854687 \h 51.Skimming, preparation, and planning PAGEREF _Toc473854688 \h 52.Writing the documents PAGEREF _Toc473854689 \h 53.Formal review PAGEREF _Toc473854690 \h 64.Release of the documents PAGEREF _Toc473854691 \h 6Standard documents produced PAGEREF _Toc473854692 \h 61.Agenda PAGEREF _Toc473854693 \h 62.Memorandum PAGEREF _Toc473854694 \h 63.Letters PAGEREF _Toc473854695 \h 74.Instructions and procedures PAGEREF _Toc473854696 \h 75.Guidelines, notes, and handbooks PAGEREF _Toc473854697 \h 76.Reports and minutes PAGEREF _Toc473854698 \h 8Strategies for the employees PAGEREF _Toc473854699 \h 8Oral reprimand PAGEREF _Toc473854700 \h 8Explaining most sensitive employee areas PAGEREF _Toc473854701 \h 8Brief notices PAGEREF _Toc473854702 \h 9Proposed policies and procedures PAGEREF _Toc473854703 \h 9Policies PAGEREF _Toc473854704 \h 9Procedures PAGEREF _Toc473854705 \h 9Conclusion PAGEREF _Toc473854706 \h 10Sample PAGEREF _Toc473854707 \h 11
Green Heaters Pty Ltd Company is a new firm which manufactures and sells heaters in a wholesale form. It comprises of five board of directors and is planning to recruit about 100 employees within the first financial year. In the same year, sales are expected to be 650,000. This report explains the standard documents required for a company when it starts, its strategies and how they will be implemented.
Developing standard documents
They refer to essential writings which provide guidelines, requirements, and specifications that the management requires for the efficient running of the organization. To prepare such documents, certain methodologies and processes will be considered to produce quality written.Hu, et al. (2014, P.791) explains there are four main steps to follow when preparing the documents.
1 Skimming, preparation, and planning
Adequate planning and design of the materials are significantly more for new companies. The method entails discussing, drafting and writing down roughly the ideas of the paper. The board holds a meeting for startup of the enterprise. The required documents will be identified, their contents discussed and the preparation duty is assigned to one of the directors. That will be me.
2 Writing the documents
Now that the content is discussed, the final draft can be written down or typed strictly following the formal formats required for the reports. Each official document must have a name (title), page number, date of publication, and item number. The proper design is to be followed with the company logo and name on top of the respective documents. They will have to be short, brief and straight to the point.
3 Formal review
Before the documents are issued to the employees or the public, they will have to go back to the Board for consideration and confirmation. The secretary will present the materials to the directors where they will confirm. The requirements are approved, and at some cases, translation occurs to clarify ideas. An official stamp and copies are filed and retained by particular directors.
4 Release of the documents
This is the final stage standard material development. They are published and issued to notice boards for the employees and the public. They should be publicized earlier before the deadline date is reached. Official writings usually have a period of twenty to thirty days. They should be conspicuous and placed at strategic places to be noticed easily.
Standard documents produced
1 Agenda
First and foremost, directors will be required to have a copy of the plan. I will prepare the topics to be discussed systematically where one will lead to another. This will assist the Board to cover all primary areas essential for the firm to start operating. Agendas, in most cases, are issued as papers to enable note taking during the meetings (Nicholson, et al. 2017. 30(2). Soft-copy agendas may be misplaced or difficult to add notes on them.
2 Memorandum
The Green Heaters company will issue memos to attract the public to apply for job opportunities in the business. This will inform the public that the company exists and is ready to start trading. The board will require a management team, as well as laborers and the best method to acquire them, is by the use of a memo. It will have general descriptions informing the public to apply for available jobs in the company. External sources such as the TVs and radio stations can be used to read out the memo. The notice will attract very many people, and the Board can select the best recruits from the crowd. Since all information may not fit on the note, the company website can be provided as macros for the interested persons to get more information. For example, job descriptions, salary ranges and academic qualifications necessary for employment.
3 Letters
These standard documents will be sent to various individuals to pass accurate information. For example, confirmation letters may be issued to inform the job applicants to attend the interviews on a set date. Due to the emergence of technology, printed letters may not be used. The company will respond through the use of electronic mails (emails). Job acceptance letters may be prepared in advance to be sent to the successful recruits. This method will involve the use of hard and soft copies.
4 Instructions and procedures
The company is very new and probably will be hiring the 100 employees within the first year. This document will be critical to direct the laborers to respective areas where they will be required to go. This will save time, ensure consistency and prevent confusion (Funk, et al. 2015, P.54). To make the document useful, models can be used to assist in directing workers. For example, a large picture of helmets and protective clothes templates can be strategically put at the entrance of workshops.
5 Guidelines, notes, and handbooks
The management will provide small mini-books containing instructions and notes to assist the employees to work as per the standards of the firm. I will prepare the notes to be brief, summarized and understandable. It will contain aims, objectives, and strategies of Green Heaters. For example, it will show estimated sales within the first and subsequent years. The notes will help the employees to know what the firm desires and will work towards achieving it.
6 Reports and minutes
At this stage, the company would have started. It would be recognized in the market for distributing heaters to the wholesalers. All meetings and activities are done from the time the firm started till it began operations will be recorded in the minutes and reports. The minutes cover detailed information on each meeting held. On the other hand, the report is a comprehensive document describing various events in the organization. They will be kept by the senior management only.
Strategies for the employees
Oral reprimand
This applies when a supervisor identifies a problem within the employees. The employees may not be working or following the prepared documents as required. Therefore, a reprimand will be issued to remind them to adhere to communications passed through the publications. Further actions can be taken if the situation is not rectified.
Explaining most sensitive employee areas
To make sure each employee goes through the standard documents such as notes, memos, and letters, the management can be defining crucial areas which attract the attention of the workers. For instance, work hours, overtime, compensation, vacations and leave paymen...
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