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Mission-Based Policies and Practices an Organization (Annotated Bibliography Sample)


it was about writing a description for the policy and mission formulation to an organization


Mission-based policies and practices an organization
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Reference 1
Lyons, S. M., & Topaloff, A. (2015). Iowa Local Food Organizational Toolkit—Part 1: Defining your organization's focus and leadership.
The main points of view of this article are the steps followed in designing an organization’s goals and objectives. In this case it explains all the factors to consider in identifying the core values of an organization, its mission and the strategic plans that will push the organization towards the achievement of the set missions and vision. It also talks about finding champions and developing coalition with others who fit naturally in the effort to make the organization missions to be fulfilled.
Reference 2
Piotrowski, S. J. (2017). The “Open Government Reform” Movement: The Case of the Open Government Partnership and US Transparency Policies. The American Review of Public Administration, 47(2), 155-171.
This article does not only address the transparency that is required in the setting of the organizational policies, but also the participation and collaboration with other major stakeholders as a way of achieving the organizational objectives. This method requires the organization to develop an open action plan whic...
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