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Innovation, Entrepreneurship, and Strategic Management: Systematic Review and Paths for Future Research (Annotated Bibliography Sample)


Innovation and Strategic Management annotated bibliography. also, a reflection on two questions that were provided


Innovation and Strategic Management
Innovation and Strategic Management
Annotated Bibliography
Priem, R. L., Li, S., & Carr, J. C. (2012). Insights and new directions from demand-side
approaches to technology innovation, entrepreneurship, and strategic management
research have been discovered. Journal of management, 38(1), 346-374.
This book is a review of three important elements of macro management that includes entrepreneurship, technology innovation and strategic management as they are interrelated in business. The authors provide a review of several kinds of literature concerned with the topic focusing on the demand-side research as well as the macro-level studies on management. The authors note that the correct insights into the demand-side of a business can be tied to the successful innovation of strategic management is used to run a business. The report underscores the importance of innovation in an enterprise taking to note that certain mundane or obsolete resources can make the company lose its competitive advantage. The counterintuitive facts that are offered in the review show the future work that is required in demand-side to evaluate the influence of innovation on the success of business. The authors use some integrated theories to show the effectiveness of technological innovation in not only the success of the business but also in the maintenance of a competitive edge in the industry. The authors reveal the underlying principle of effective management practices in the running of business. This resource offers a specific view of innovation and strategic management by focusing on the demand-side of a firm.
Keupp, M. M., Palmié, M., & Gassmann, O. (2012). The strategic management of
innovation: A systematic review and paths for future research.International Journal
of Management Reviews, 14(4), 367-390.
The article provides vital information regarding the importance of innovation for the competitiveness of a company. The authors focus on the current knowledge that is available on strategic management to characterize the conflicting gaps and inconsistencies in the business world. The authors utilize a systematic approach so as to provide a quantitative method for the analysis of the strategic management of innovation as seen in journals written between 1992 and 2010. The writers present an inclusive report on the influence of innovation in a firm stressing those future theories on the management and development of material regarding the same is important. The review summarizes the important literature on the application of innovation in a firm. The analysis gives the steps required for the buildup of the correct management strategies that can easily integrate innovation. The authors stress on the need for management policies that will prove the framework for the innovation requirements of the company. The competitive advantages of the firm have been presented, in this review, as a crucial element of the continuity of business. The review provides a starting point for the future studies in the development of better management practices that support innovation.
Johnston, R. E., & Bate, J. D. (2013). The power of strategy innovation: a new way of linking
creativity and strategic planning to discover great business opportunities. AMACOM
Div American Mgmt Assn.
The book covers the power that can be obtained from effective strategic management. The book brings out what is believed to be the dull aspect of strategic planning to show how it can be combined with the creative aspects of innovation. The authors argue that the combination of strategic management and innovation brings about dynamic power in the markets. The book provides a five-phase process that has been described by the authors as the points of discovery for the business. These phases include staging, exploring, and mapping, creating and aligning as the basics of discovery-driven innovation for the business. The authors have also included an epilogue and new preface that has been set aside for the description of the emerging enterprise innovation. The book offers a roadmap to the future of innovation in business showing that it will be among the primary functions of the managers. The resource offers increased knowledge on the importance of innovation in the strategic a management of the business. The oaths indicated are easy to integrate into the business segments making it an important contributor to the success of most managers and entrepreneurs. The book is relevant to the study of strategic management practices and the ways in which they can be integrated into the daily operations of an enterprise without halting the normal operations.
The strategic management in the business world continues to change with time. There are several issues in strategic management that are being shaped by innovation. On...
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