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From Identifying Issues to Forming Questions (Essay Sample)


Article summary was the task. i read Greene & Lidinsky 120-138 (ch. 6) and wrote one page summary. secondly, i read Greene & Lidinsky 73-98 (ch. 4) and wrote one page summary.

Chapter Four: From Identifying Issues to Forming Questions
Chapter four of this book is meant to help the reader to identify multiple issues and then make an evaluation of the issues with the help of questions. There are various steps of identifying and solving issues.
Some of the steps of identifying issues include:
1 Make a reflection of your personal experiences with various issues. To do this, you must identify something that is important or puzzles you in one way or another. You can then use other sources to support the argument.
2 Define a phenomenon that challenges you belief
3 Your thinking with regards to the issue at hand should be from different perspectives
4 Refer to other sources to identify the most appropriate technique to approach the issue
5 Refer to information from other writers to identify the areas that might help solve the issue
6 Analyze the situation’s constraints and then write down arguments that are likely to meet the needs of the audience
Steps of formulating issue-bound questions
1 Recheck the topic from different perspectives to narrow down the process of solving the problem. For example, what causes homelessness and what are the consequences of homelessness?
2 Review and identify the most appropriate area under the topic of interest
3 Spot the issue by considering the most disputable area in the topic of interest
4 Develop an enquiry by converting the topic into a question
5 Strike consensus with the audience. You should be in the position of interpret...
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