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Nelson Madela (Essay Sample)

This is Nelson Mandela\'s Obituary Essay source..
Name Instructor Course Date Nelson Mandela Obituary Essay Birth and Education Born in 18 July 1918, Nelson Mandela was raised at Qunu near Umtata. Ounu village was nested in a narrow grassy valley and that is where Mandela spent his infant life together with his mother and father. The family lived in huts and they ate pumpkin, sorghum, maize and beans as that was what the family could afford ( 1). Nelson Mandela played childhood games just like any other child in the village with the toys made from natural materials that were available such as tree branches and clay. He was baptized at the Methodist church and this made him the first person in his family to attend school. At the age on nine, Mandela was groomed for becoming the chief of his local tribe after his father’s death. From this point, Mandela’s life changed drastically as Chief Jonngintaba Dalindyebo adopted him. This gesture was made in favor of his father who had for years recommended Jonngintaba to be chief. Nelson Mandela left Qunu and travelled by a motorcar for the first time to Mqhekesweni, which was the provincial capital of Thembuland at the chief’s royal home. At the Chief’s royal residence, Nelson Mandela acquired the same responsibilities and status as the regent’s two children. He attended classes in one room school that was next to the chief’s royal residence. His main subjects were history, geography, English, and Xhosa. At this time nelson developed an undying concern for African history especially from the elder chiefs who attended official meetings at the royal residence. At the age of sixteen, Nelson was circumcised in accordance with the South African rituals that would transfer him form boyhood to manhood. This ritual was executed along with twenty-five other boys. He later attended Wesleyan Mission school proceeded to Clarke bury Boarding institute and afterwards to Wesleyan college. He gained a lot of knowledge as he also found interest and success in his academic endeavors through plain hard work. He performed well in track and boxing. He was social as he made friends with a couple of classmates, counting Mathona who was his first female companion. At the age of twenty-one, nelson was enrolled at Fort Hare University College, which was the only residential institute of higher education for the black people in South Africa ( 2). During his first year at Fort Hare College, Nelson took the best courses that a black person could learn in preparation for a career in the civil service. In his second year at Fort Hare College, Nelson Mandela was duly elected to the student Representative council (SRC). However, at the time Nelson Mandela was elected at the SRC, students had been disappointed with the college’s quality of food. Majority of Fort Hare students planned to boycott unless their needs were fully met ( 3). In his judgment, Mandela aligned with other students and he resigned his position at the SRC. The University senate expelled him for the whole year purporting that he would be ...
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