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Fine Art: Christian Jankowski (Essay Sample)


Description of the work made by an artist. No sources

Fine Art
Christian Jankowski-The artist establishes a unique artistic practice with which he produces participatory and performative approaches in his installations, film works, objects and photography. Jankowski challenges clichés and in an inspirational manner, he uses setups that are universal in mass culture to incite reflection on the part of the art practitioners as well as art in modern society. He is a great lover of collaboration with other artists.
The artist demonstrates a good presence while presenting his work. He creates a sense of ownership and a good mastery of the artistic presentation. He also demonstrates to the audience that he is conversant with every detail of the presentation and what he intends to bring out to the audience. He commands a competent following and attention from the audience. He shows that his work is greatly driven by performance and tells of the occurrences creating interest from the listeners.
The artist approach to speaking is commendable. He assumes a slow but organized way of demonstrating the artistic exhibitions in different countries and museums around the world. He is the center of his art and is the real subject of the art intentions he intends to create. The narration uses simple visual language that is easy to understand. The artist ...
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