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Our Greatest Fear (Essay Sample)

Analyze the poem \'Our Greatest Fear\' by Marianne Williamson in no more than two pages well presented paper. source..
Analysis of “Our Deepest Fear” by Marianne Williamson (Student’s Name) (Institutional Affiliation) (Course) (Instructor) (Date) “Our Deepest Fear” by Marianne Williamson: Poem Review The poem, ‘Our deepest Fear’ by Marianne Williamson, can be considered as a ‘spirituality’ genre which revolves around the aspect of success and fear. According to the author of this poem, our greatest fear is not based on our inadequacy, but rather our powerfulness beyond measure. This poem can be perceived as a thought-provoking piece of literary work that sounds like an anthem of the modern generation of seekers. The title of this poem is rather shocking and cultivates a sense of enthusiasm to the reader in search of the understanding of ‘our deepest fear’ and what essentially the author is talking about. Williamson’s creativity in this piece of work remains outstanding, as it leaves the reader being anxious on what really comprises of humans (Williamson, 2005). The central idea on the poem revolves around understanding human nature and what we are meant for, our weaknesses and potentials. Being an inspirational poem aimed at healing and empowering people on daily life, the poet was knowledgeable in choosing a title which matches her message. The title of the poem is a reflection of the human nature in the sense that it reflects the weaknesses of people of failing to explore their potentials (Williamson, 2005). Based on the poet, the deepest fear within humans is not a problem or a situation by a group of people, but rather a situation faced by all people. This fear is unconscious and is demonstrated when people fail to maximise on their strengths. As shown in the 6th stanza, people are able to overcome this fear by maximising on their potentials and ...
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