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A study of Waste Water Management in the dairy industry (Essay Sample)


its about the study of Waste Water Management in the dairy industry


A study of Waste Water Management in the dairy industry
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Waste water management is continually becoming important day after the other. For instance, over the last two decades, according to Bixio, et al. (2005), “Europe (the most developed continent) has witnessed the growing water stress, both in terms of quantity and quality.” A similar situation is being experienced across Asia and other parts of the world (Conference on Decentralized wastewater Management in Asia, 2012). This has prompted the concerned stakeholders to act by seeking to develop new waste water management systems that will help arrest the situation (Conference on Decentralized wastewater Management in Asia, 2012). The intended wastewater management systems seek to control the rate of water pollution, control odour and facilitate recycling of water to curb water shortages.
Sarantuyaa Zandaryaa (2011) indicates that two million tons of waste discharge to receiving waters every day across the world. This is an all-time high rate of pollution and if no medit...
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