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Interpersonal Education and Gender Equality in the Workplace (Annotated Bibliography Sample)


Description: This assignment introduces you to academic expectations at the senior level of university coursework. The development of this skill will be especially important to those who have been away from formal education for a time and/or those whose educational background may not have required the writing of research essays.


Inter-professional Education in Human Services- Annotated Bibliography
Institutional Affiliations
An Annotated Bibliography on Inter-Professional Education in Human Services
Rosenthal, Howard. (2012). Human Services Dictionary. Rouledge, Print.
The author uses the dictionary to provide a professional and insightful tool for the human service professionals and students. The dictionary defines interdisciplinary education among other 1600 entries that are meant to benefit the discipline.
Littlechild, Brian. Smith, Roger. (2013). A Handbook for Interprofessional Practice in the Human Services: Learning to Work Together. Rouledge, Print.
The book is meant for students of human services and scholars investigating inter-professional working. Little child & Smith provide insight on the benefits of invoking inter-professional processes and structure. The authors argue that inter-professional education results in increased access to care in the field.
Taylor, E. W., & Cranton, P. (2012). The Handbook of Transformative Learning: Theory, research, and practice. John Wiley & Sons.
The handbook explores the various academic and clinical education through inter-professional evidence-based practice. Taylor, (2012) also describes the various strides to implement the interdisciplinary approach in human services.
Thistlethwaite, J., & Moran, M. (2010). Learning outcomes for interprofessional education (IPE): Literature review and synthesis. Journal of interprofessional care, 24(5), 503-513.
The article investigates the progress that interdisciplinary approach has facilitated in the education of health and human services. The journal findings show that inter-professional education is beneficial to human practice.
Schofield, R. F., & Amodeo, M. (1999). Interdisciplinary teams in health care and human services settings: are they effective? Health & Social Work,24(3), 210-219.
The Journal argues that the efficacy of the interdisciplinary teams in human services setting should be understood through assessment and analysis. The article thus investigates the efficiency of the inter-professional approach.
Nancarrow, S. A., Booth, A., Ariss, S., Smith, T., Enderby, P., & Roots, A. (2013). Ten principles of good interdisciplinary teamwork. Human Resources for Health, 11, 19.
Nancarrow et al. (2013) explore interdisciplinary practice and its prevalence in human services. The journal describes the role of inter-professional education in the practice of human services. Moreover, the article explains some of the methods that may promote effective implementing of inter-professional teams.
Brader, Carrie. Jaeger Margerete. (2014). What Makes an Interdisciplinary Team Work? A Collection of Informed Ideas, Discussion Prompts, and Other Materials to Promote an Atmosphere of Collaboration, Trust, and Respect. Innovative Practice Projects. Paper 42.
Brader and Jaeger (2014) are concerned with the collection of ideas in human service disciplines through the inter-professional approach. The article attempts to answer the question that most scholars ask regarding the integration of interdisciplinary teamwork and inter-professional education.
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