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Comparing The Renaissance And The Contemporary World (Annotated Bibliography Sample)


the task was about Annotated Bibliography (Five Annotations Required)
was to Create a complete Annotated Bibliography for 5 academic scholarly sources, which include an introduction and thesis, publication details, and the annotation. A total of 5 academic-scholarly sources are required for completion of thefinal research project.


Annotated Bibliography
Annotated Bibliography
Title: Comparing the Renaissance and the contemporary world.
Many inventions that happened during the Renaissance era have brought significant contributions to the contemporary world regarding music, art, science, literature among other fields. This means that civilization sprung from the Renaissance period, hence many comparisons exist between the two periods.
Thesis: Considering that many inventions are accredited to the Renaissance period, research has shown the existing similarities and some differences between such period and the contemporary one.
Bormann, N. C., Cederman, L. E., & Vogt, M. (2017). Language, religion, and ethnic civil war. Journal of Conflict Resolution, 61(4), 744-771.
The article brings out a specific relationship between the Renaissance and the contemporary world. It is concerned with language, ethnic wars, and religion. It will be useful in my research since it has brought out the changes that have taken place in religion, language and ethnic conflict compared to the Renaissance.
Ramachandran, A. (2015). Humanism and its Discontents. Spenser Studies: A Renaissance Poetry Annual, 30(1), 3-18.
The writer of this journal explains the combination of the philosophy and rhetoric in the Renaissance and the contemporary world. The journal was printed in 2015 and, therefore, considers the factors in the modern world. Thus, it is suitable for the research.
Song, W. C., & Hashim, R. (2017). A Comparison of Contemporary Chinese and America n Youth Cinemas’ Portraits of Young People in School. Malaysian Journal of Media Studies, 16(1), 75-85.
The journal article explains the confusion between the Renaissance and the contemporary world. The journal is an excellent source since it contrasts the two periods leaving the learner with a big room for research. This source is crucial for ...
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