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Critical Approach to Language Studies (Annotated Bibliography Sample)


This discussion is intended to encourage collaboration among you on refreshing knowledge, skills, and abilities related to practicing, authenticating, and acknowledging original research, and on perfecting and presenting the content of annotated bibliographies according to American Psychological Association style conventions.
For this discussion, you will annotate TWO sources for information you are planning to use in your Senior Capstone Project, and provide their references in formatted to conform with American Psychological Association style.
No matter what type of Senior Capstone Project you choose or what your topic is, people have been talking and writing about it, probably for years. Your job is to figure out how to join—and make a worthwhile contribution to—that conversation. Whether you are writing something for school or for your employer, classmates, colleagues, customers, clients, or other audience, your credibility with them will depend on the accuracy, authority, breadth, and credibility of the knowledge that you display. Even if you are not asked to write an annotated bibliography, this tool can help you organize and retain the information that will support your endeavor.
First, tell us which project option you're pursuing and your research question or topic. Then, LIST the sources alphabetically in APA style, SUMMARIZE the nature of the information, and DESCRIBE how each source fits in with the scope of your project. Here is a sample entry:
Fairclough, N. (2001) Language and power. Harlow, England: Pearson Limited.
This book (updated from the 1989 edition) describes and inspires an interdisciplinary critical approach to language studies in terms of theory and practice. The basic argument of the book is that all language forms and uses have embedded ideologies, embedded notions of power and hierarchy. Because these ideas are so deeply embedded in the language, speakers do not question them, and so perpetuate the status quo. Fairclough offers in-depth examples and applications from communication material of Britain's Thatcher administration. I will use Fairclough's work in my paper to situate my own research in the tradition of CLS/CDA (critical language studies/critical discourse analysis)


Annotating a Working Bibliography
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Annotating a Working Bibliography
I am pursuing descriptive project research to describe what epilepsy entails and create awareness about epilepsy. Notably, epilepsy is the leading research topic where I have developed the following research questions;
1. Do people or those families living with epilepsy get stigmatized?
2. Can epilepsy be treated completely?
3. What are the common signs and symptoms to watch out for in

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