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Marihuana Legalization Literature & Language Annotated Bibliography (Annotated Bibliography Sample)


Two articles, one supporting legalization of marihuana and one arguing against marihuana legalization


Legalization of Marihuana
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Legalization of Marihuana
Crocker, Luke. “MARIJUANA SHOULD BE LEGALIZED.” Researchgate.Net, 9 June 2011,
Crocker acknowledges that many debates are revolving around the legalization of marihuana. The author supports the legalization of marihuana. There are economic, political, and medical points of argument that never seem to agree. Crocker poses a question on whether the government should dictate the citizens' actions regarding marihuana use or its citizens should be at liberty to make their own choices. The author says that marihuana has in many incidents been used for medical purposes. Crocker cites medical Association Journals in Canada who have recorded many successes in using marihuana for medical purposes. China has been using Cannabis sativa throughout history.
The United States has also legalized marijuana in about fifteen states, but it is only sold to individuals with permits. Marihuana has medical benefits to the human body. Another angle is a legal one, so many arrests are made for marihuana possession, which costs federal governments a lot of money. Crocker notes that governments can instead tax those involved in marihuana sales. Through taxes, the government can generate revenue. Additionally, marihuana is easy to grow and maintain. Many benefits come with marihuana legalization.

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