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Prepare an Annotated Bibliography on Precision Machines (Annotated Bibliography Sample)


Precision machine
From the past years of experience on the sales, precision machines company has finally decided to prepare a financial plan while will determine the company future outcomes. The previous analysis about the financial incomes and outflows being summarized as follows: out of the total sales of the company 30% of the sales are received immediately after sales while the rest cash is received in the following two months after sales. It has been a norm that the company uses 50% of its monthly sale in purchase raw materials. The company is obliged to keep 500 dollars as the minimum cash balance that it should hold for running the company. In case of deficit the company may opt to take a loan from financial institution at an interest rate of 10%.
Annotated bibliographies
Culpepper, M. L., & Anderson, G. (2004). Design of a low-cost Nano-manipulator which utilizes a monolithic, spatial compliant mechanism. Precision engineering, 28(4), 469-482.
This describes the low cost Nano manipulator and how it function due to application of compliant mechanism which is driven by electromagnetic actuators. The following areas have been covered exhaustively; compliant mechanism, flexure, Nano manipulation, magnet coil actuator, electromagnetic actuation, photonics, optics, alignment, spatial and six axis.
Holterman, J. (2002). Vibration control of high-precision machines with active structural elements. Twente University Press.
This covers the vibration control on the high precision machines which have active structural elements characteristics. This cite encompasses a research project conducted within the Drebbel institute for mechanics in the university of Twente. It has introduced the precision machines, it has also covered vibration problems and control, hardware, modeling, controller designs and the possible experiments have been covered and results analyzed.
Kim, C. J., Moon, Y. M., & Kota, S. (2008). A building block approach to the conceptual synthesis of compliant mechanisms utilizing compliance and stiffness ellipsoids. Journal of Mechanical Design, 130(2), 022308.
This cite has mostly emphasized on a building block approaches in the concept analysis related to compliant mechanisms which utilizes stiffness ellipsoids and compliance. It specifically analyze investigated methodology of conceptual compliant mechanism synthesis. Basic kinematics behavior investigations have been done here and feasible concepts on the same have been generated. The reason for mathematical model compliance has been explained here, with building blocks, problem specification, sub problem decomposition and other alternative solutions have been suggested here.
Hale, L. C., & Slocum, A. H. (2001). Optimal design techniques for kinematic couplings. Precision Engineering, 25(2), 114-127.
Kinematics couplings is covered well in this cite. Applications which requires separation and engagement that is repeatable, and the resultant influence is also well explained in the site. Coupling design starting process and classic configuration is well covered. The general modeling approach involving (6 by 6) matrix transformation that reflect the contact stiffness and common coordinate systems and its relationship with parallel combinations have been exhaustively covered.
Hopkins, J. B., & Culpepper, M. L. (2010). Synthesis of multi-degree of freedom, parallel flexure system concepts via Freedom and Constraint Topology (FACT)–Part I: Principles. Precision Engineering, 34(2), 259-270.
New design principles have been introduced in this cite. In addition, complementary geometrics types forming the base for multi degree of freedom have been covered here. It has sets containing some of the characteristics of flexure systems. This cite also covers flexure and flexure systems, compliant mechanism, the theory of screw, constraint topology, freedom topology and projective geometry.
Uriarte, L., Herrero, A., Zatarain, M., Santiso, G., de Lacalle, L. L., Lamikiz, A., & Albizuri, J. (2007). Error budget and stiffness chain assessment in a micromilling machine equipped with tools less than 0.3 mm in diameter. Precision Engineering, 31(1), 1-12.
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