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Key Elements That Can Help Journalists Be Better Video Storytellers (Annotated Bibliography Sample)




Video Storytelling
Institutional Affiliation
Annotated Bibliography
1 9 key elements that can help journalists be better video storytellers.
Frechette, C. (2017, March 02). 9 key elements that can help journalists be better video storytellers. Retrieved March 24, 2018, from /news/9-key-elements-can-help-journalists-be-better-video-storytellers
About the author
Professor Casey Frechette vividly outlines important elements to achieve good video storytelling.
Identification of Audience
The audience is mainly journalists who aspire to be excel in videography.
Summary of the Content
The article lays emphasis on the production of video stories that attract the attention of the viewers. To achieve this, it is important to establish appropriate setting and location for video storytelling. Then it is necessary to produce a new and timely story with good visual and audio effects. Furthermore, characters and emotion should be employed. This is due to the fact that stories revolve around people and emotions connects them.
The author’s work is relevant and informative. It provides both aspiring and established journalists an overview of important elements to help them improve their skills. It enables an individual to develop and put into practice good skills of finding and telling stories. This goes a long way to positively impact on the media industry.
2 Mobile Journalism Cheat Sheet
Mobile Journalism Cheat Sheet. (n.d.). Retrieved March 24, 2018, from
About the author
I cannot find the author of this article. It is a webpage in WordPress with colorful photos. The webpage focuses on visual story.
Identification of Audience
The writer of the webpage targets young individuals with special interest in trending news and latest progressions in technology. This audience has a taste for photography.
Summary of the Content
The article explains factors to consider when developing a good visual story. All these aims at hooking a viewer to a photo thus catching the attention of the viewer. It is the author’s idea that a journalist should practice a high level of professional photo shooting. This enables the creation of colorful and informative articles that have flawless captures. Such articles get to attract a wide audience base.
This article is crucial since it illustrates how and why it is important to obtain best captures in an article. It provides readers with tips for developing an eye-catching article with a good visual story. This makes the target audience to stick to the story up to its ultimate end.
3 The Small Stories Manifesto
Hyman, I., R., C., Campen, S., Pecsar, G., S., . . . JANA. (2015, February 17). The Small Stories Manifesto • Izzy Video. Retrieved March 24, 2018, from /small-stories-manifesto/
About the author
The author of this article is Izzy Hyman. Hyman writes about short stories. He expounds on them with an explanation of why they are actually important.
Identification of Audience
This article targets those who create videos.
Summary of the Content
Small stories are short story videos that are complete and employs the use of all techniques applied in video journalism. They take a short duration of time, mostly at most two minutes. The author recognizes the fact that these stories are less cumbersome to develop and have greater chances of getting views. Moreover, he goes ahead challenge video creators to competitively create short videos then submit them to Hyman. The author believes that through sharing, one can inspire and educate other people. Therefore, he encourages those who make short videos to keep sharing them.
This article is relevant since it educates and promotes healthy competition through sharing of our works. It acknowledges that those who create long videos can as well make short story videos. It justifies this by providing reasonable advantages of short stories. The author motivates video creators to keep on practicing the art. This is likely to be promoted by using a short video to tell a story.
4 4 Video Lessons from Oscar-Nominated Films You Can Do with Your Phone.
Copper, A., & Watkins, B. (2017, March 01). 4 Video Lessons from Oscar-Nominated Films You Can Do with Your Phone. Retrieved March 24, 2018, from
About the author
The authors of the article are photographers. They are Amy Copper and Ben Watkins.
Identification of Audience
The article is for photographs. It targets those who cannot afford expensive photography equipment.
Summary of the Content
Amy Copper argues that iPhone can be used to capture high-quality pictures. She reveals that the nominated films for Oscar awards were shot using expensive equipment. Hence, the author offers a cheaper alternative, that is, ‘iphoneography’. This is proved by the fact that some of the nominees in best picture award actually used iPhone to take those pictures. Ben Watkins, a filmmaker, describes how to perform iphoneography. His tips specify approximate distance to obtain a good shot. He also explains the need to capture in different angles. Finally, he writes about how to stabilize an iPhone in order to get steady shots.
The article provides a cheaper alternative to obtain best footages. It states that some photography equipment is very costly. Therefore, access to them may be difficult. Thus, ‘iphoneography’ steps in to give light to an individual’s dream in photography. The article hence provides a much-needed alternative to propel photographers to scale greater heights.
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