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Annotated Bibliography on Physical Activity (Annotated Bibliography Sample)


the paper required writing of an annotated bibliogrpahy on physical activity on at least 5 sourcesE.THE PAPER Was required to be DOUBLE-SPACED AND TIMES NEW ROMAN FONT 12.THE FORMAT OF THE PAPER WAS APA WITH 5 SCHOLARLY SOURCES used to be either from canadian or the usa authors.The minmum number of words required was 400


Annotated Bibliography
Student’s name
Brownson, R. C., Hoehner, C. M., Day, K., Forsyth, A. and Sallis, J. F. (2009). ‘Measuring the built environment for physical activity: State of the science’. American Journal of Preventive Medicine 36(4): S99-S123
Location: The authors are from the USA; the article reviews studies from around the world, including Canada
The article aims to develop a comprehension of how the built environment influences physical activity. The general conclusion of the research article was; However, there have been experienced advancements in measuring the developments experienced for the built environment concerning physical activity, challenges are still experienced. Therefore, a consensus is required between the health and environmental professionals on applying standardized but adaptable measures of the built environment and physical activity.
Faulkner, G. E. J., Buliung, R. N., Flora, P. K. and Fusco, C. (2009). ‘Active school transport, physical activity levels and body weight of children and youth: A systematic review’. Preventive Medicine 48(1): 3-8.
Location: The authors are from Canada
The study reviewed how active transport to schools resulted in lower body weight and increased physical activity among students. The article concluded that active transport to schools facilitated and supplemented the overall physical activities among children, whereby those active commuters reported higher physical activity levels than those who traveled by motorized transport. However, little evidence was available to support the relationship between active transport to school and body weight.
Kaczynski, A. T. and Henderson, K. A. (2007). 'Environmental correlates of physical activity: A review of evidence about parks and recreation. Leisure Sciences 29(4): 315-354.
Location: The authors are from Canada and USA
The article sought to establish the relationship between parks and recreation features with physical activity. The conclusions from this research were that physical activity and parks and recreation would need to become higher social priorities as they had a connection with the healthy living of individuals.
Baranowski, T., Cullen, K. W., Nicklas, T., Thompson, Deborah, and Baranowski, J. (2003). Are our Current Health Behavioural Change Models Helpful in Gui

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