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Youtube Documentary That Explores The Selma (Annotated Bibliography Sample)




March to Salem
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March to Salem
Btsharff. (2009, February 8). Selma - Montgomery march, 1965 - p1 [Video file]. Retrieved from /watch?v=T8reaKQgwKg
This is a YouTube documentary that explores the Selma - Montgomery and its impact on the black community in the United States. According to the author of the documentary, march to Salem occurred during a historical period of radical political and social upheaval in the US. During this time, the African American community was fighting for the rights to vote. The march featured a number of high profiles figures in the history of the US, including Martin Luther King Jnr. and Coretta Scott King, and played a critical role in highlighting prejudices and discriminatory practices that the black community was being subjected to. In addition, it made the world know how old ideas and practices in the US were overriding the rights and privileges of African Americans. At the end of the demonstrations, there was a national outcry for the government to recognize the rights of all American citizens irrespective of their race and cultural orientation.
Btsharff’s documentary is an important source in the study of the march to Salem for two main reasons. First, it narrates that activities and events that took place prior and during the marches, and how they impacted on the western civilization. Secondly, the documentary uses pictures, quotes, and speeches to help the viewer understand the topic of discussion. Thus, its inclusion in this bibliography helps in effectively exploring the topic of March to Salem.
Combs, H.B. (2013). From Selma to Montgomery: The long march to freedom. New York: Routledge.
Nobody ever thought that a peaceful demonstration organized in Salem on March 7, 1965 would result in violence and changes that gave the African Americans the right to take part in political processes. Following the “Bloody Sunday” attacks, civil rights activists came out in large numbers to demonstrate from Selma to Montgomery with the intention of passing a message to the government to change the voting rights laws. In this book, Combs (2013) chronicles the activities that took place during their marches, their causes, and impact on the political landscape in the US. This is done by giving eye witness accounts and details of the events and how they affected voting practices in the US. Thus, the book provides vital information that can be used to reconstruct the events of the Selma marches and how they contributed to the passage of the Voting Rights Act of 1965.
National Geographic Society. (2016). The Selma-to-Montgomery marches. Retrieved from
National Geographic Society (2016) gives a detailed account of the Selma-to-Montgomery marches and how they supported and affected western civilization and political practices in the US. According to the source, the Selma-to-Montgomery marches were organized to compel the government to recognize black Americans by giving them voting rights. The civil rights movement in the US was able to mobilize different groups and communities to take part in a walk that would change the status of the black people for the better. The 54 miles walk led to a number of transformations, including the passage of the Voting Rights Act of 1965. The passage of this particular legislation had immediate effect as more than-two thirds of African American people registered as voters in different states within a period of less than six months. This source is included in this bibliography because it explores the study topic from different perspectives.
Ratcliffe, D. (2013).The right to vote and the rise of democracy, 1787–1828. Journal of the Early Republic, 33 (Summer 2013), 220-253.
This peer-reviewed journal article looks at the history of voting rights struggle in the United States of America. The author begins by providing a brief description of America’s political history and how it affected the everyday life of the black people. According to the author, the American political system and environment was characterized by political and racial injustices that denied some members of the society the opportunity to take part in political decisions. Furthermore, it placed African Americans at an inferior position politically, and social compared to their white counterparts. These factors, coupled with the desire to take charge of their own lives, drive civil rights activists to the streets to call for change. The marches gave the African Americans an opportunity to advocate for voting rights so that they could take part in political processes in the country. In the end, it made the plights of the black communities known to the world at large. The author goes ahead to make a case that the work and ...
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