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Research for State Homeland after 9/11 Counterterrorism Bibliography (Annotated Bibliography Sample)


Discussing the strength and weaknesses of the policy


Research for State Homeland after 9/11 Counterterrorism
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Research for State Homeland after 9/11 Counterterrorism
Hewitt, K. (2016). Disaster Risk Reduction in the Era of “Homeland Security”: The Struggle for Precautionary, Preventive, and Non-violent Approaches. Identifying Emerging Issues in Disaster Risk Reduction, Migration, Climate Change and Sustainable Development, 35–51.
This article provides an insight into risk reduction that came after 9/11 counterterrorism. The author in this article has explained the struggles the state of Homeland went through during the disaster. He went further to describe the measures the government took to contain the effects of counterterrorism. To cushion the impact of counterterrorism in the future, the author identified counterterrorism agencies and policies adopted by the government. According to Hewitt (2016), the government used immigration and naturalization service agency that originated from the Department of Justice. The agency aimed to administer federal laws and regulations. The author further stated that the government came up with a counterterrorism policy that states that no drugs, weapons, and terrorists should enter the country. Furthermore, the article highlighted the strengths and weaknesses of the policy that brought about the question of efficiency of the policy. Hewitt noted that policy has one strength in that it regulates the movements of people into the country. However, its weakness is that justice is compromised with corruption. Therefore, this article will form part of the literature review of the study.

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