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Religoius Studies Annotated Bibliography (Annotated Bibliography Sample)

the paper gives a brief description of 15 sources source..
RELIGION AND THEOLOGY: ANNOTATED BIBLIOGRAPHY Student’s Name Class Date Barnes, M. Theology and the Dialogue of Religions. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2002. Michael Barnes explores the issue of Christianity in a multi-religious world. His work is a series of reflections on various issues revolving around the different religions of the modern world. He does examine not only the Christian faith but also other faiths as well. He looks at how individuals can practice their faith while respecting other faiths and beliefs. The source is imperative to understand the practice of different religions in a singular environment without Religious Values and Human Society. n.d. /readings/dl_values.htm (accessed May 31, 2015). The Greatness organization provides a reading from the Fourteenth Dalai Lama, His Holiness Tenzin Gyatso where he talks about religious values. He claims that the problems ailing humanity are caused by our mental defects, differences in ideology and lack of compassion for others. The website is important to understand the religious values that the Dalai Lama and his followers deem most important.Hick, John. A Christian Theology of Religions: The Rainbow of Faiths. Louisville: Westminister John Knox Press, 1995. John Hick, a renowned theologian, and philosopher, examines the perspective of Christianity in light of other faiths in the world. The author acknowledges the presence of a multi-religious society, as a result of globalization among other factors. He asks the tough questions such as whether it is possible to remain a Christian while still respecting and acknowledging the presence and diversity of other beliefs. Additionally, he recognizes that it is no longer true that Christianity is the only true religion; Christians have grown to realize and respect the presence of other religions. He introduces a three-fold distinction; exclusivist, inclusivist and pluralist that exist in Christian theologies of religion and within which Christians explain concepts such as truth and salvation and how the difference relate to the other religions.Hill, B.,, P.F., Knitter, and W. Madges. Faith, Religion and Theology. Mystic: Twenty-Third Publications, 1995. Faith, Religion, and Theology offers an introduction to the subject of religion and theology. It helps the reader understand the concept and nature of both human and Christian faith. It also examines the value of religion, beliefs and behavior from a personal and social point of view. The authors offer a brief examination of major religions of the world and also analyzes the relationship between faith and theology. The book is important because it will help understand the concepts of faith and religion.Karrkainen, V. An introduction to the Theology of Religions, Biblical, Historical and Contemporary Perspectives. Madison: Intervaristy Press, 2003. Karrkainen examines the springing and growing relevance of other religions in the world. While Western Christian missionaries went to the East many years ago to spread the word, today missionaries are coming to the West from the East. Hindu, Buddhist and Taoist spirituality values are being preached all over the world posing new challenges to all Christians not only to those in traditional polytheistic societies. It is no longer possible to speak of Christianity as a dominant religion in the world as other non-mainstream religions such as Islam and Hinduism come into the picture. Karkkainen’s work revolves around confessional movements and opinions of a multi-religious globe in the contemporary scene. His work is important because it helps understand the relationship between Christianity and other religions.Kraft, D. Examples of Religious Values. n.d. (accessed May 31, 2015). Kraft examines religious values common to Christians, Buddhists, Jews and Muslims. While the religions are different and, therefore, values are expected to be different, most of them have similar origins or meanings. Kraft’s work is important in understanding the similarities in religious values of the different faiths.Lukens-Ball, R.A. "Between Text and Practice: Considerations in the Anthropological Study of Islam." Marburg Journal of Religion, 1999: 1-10. Lukens-ball's work reviews trends in the anthropological study of Islam. He examines the work of various authors in a bid to understand various patterns such as Orientalism and concludes by suggesting theoretical directions to guide future research.Mahoney, A.,, K., Pargament, A., Murray-Swank, and N. Murray-Swank. "Religion and the Sanctification of Family Relationships." Review of Religious Research, 2003: 220-236. Mahoney and colleagues studied how religion influences dynamics in a family. Their work helps to understand how sanctification and religiosity apply to relationships between spouses and also between parents and their children to affect the functioning of the family.Orsi, R.A. "Is the Study of Lived Religion Irrelevant to the World We Live In? ." Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion, 2002: 169-174. Robert Orsi explains the importance of studying religion in a bid to understand global, political situations. He poses the question whether the scientific study of religion and theology helps the political situation in the world in any way, particularly the volatile regions where religious conflict continues to claim lives. The article is important in putting the study of religion and theology into perspective.Pasternack, L. The Influence of Kant's Philosophy of Religion. 2014. (accessed May 31, 2015). Pasternack examines the influence of philosophy on religion. He uses Immanuel Kant’s theories of philosophy to explain the origin of the philosophy of religion, arguments for the existence of God and the relationship between morality and religion. He also explains Kant’s philosophy of religion influence on theology and concludes by examining religion as both a non-cognitive and symbolic claim. This work is imperative to understanding religion and theology from a philosophical angle.Peach, C. "Islam, Ethnicity and South Asian Religions in London 2001 census." Transactions of the...
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