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Impact of mental health on African American college students (Annotated Bibliography Sample)


Annotated bibliography for a phd chapter. the chapter focused on the Impact of mental health on African American college students


Annotated Bibliography 
1 Carroll, J. (1988). Freshman retention and attrition factors at a predominantly Black urban community college. Journal of College Student Development, vol. 29(1), pp. 52–59. Retrieved from: 
Study was carried out in response to past research indicating low retention levels among Black college students. Carroll carried out a study at a predominantly Black community college, as opposed to the predominantly White college studies from her research. In her study she focused on determining whether Black students who took part in the college discovery program found it useful and whether it improved the retention rates for the college. She chose 137 educationally underprepared Black students, with limited encouragement from parents, and lowered expectations from teachers. The program consisted of individual and group counselling sessions. Half of the participants took part in the program, and half of them did not. Measured variables were a) successful completion of first year of college studies and continuation onto second year and b) drop-out of college. Independent variables were the peer relationships, counsellor relationship and lecturer relationship. Results showed that sessions with counsellor significantly improved the chances of retention in the Black college freshmen, over peer and lecturer relationships. The study was conducted at a predominantly Black college therefore it would be interesting to see if similar success can be achieved with Black students enrolled at a predominantly White college, arguably suffering from poorer peer relationships. 

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