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Unemployment in America (Annotated Bibliography Sample)


The assignment was about finding sources on chosen topic (unemployment in America) for term paper and doing annoted bibliography for the gathered sources . The sources were supposed to be less than 5 years old and peer reviewed. The student scored an A on the annoted bibliography and an A on the final term paper that I did later.


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Annotated Bibliography on Unemployment in America
Cassino, Dan, and Yasemin Besen‐Cassino. "Race, Threat and Workplace Sexual Harassment: The Dynamics of Harassment in The United States, 1997–2016." Gender, Work & Organization 26.9 (2019): 1221-1240.
The study investigates the constant sexual harassment that women experience in work environments. The authors showed an uneven reduction in sexual harassment incidents in the work environment in the US, with black women facing an increased chance of being harassed sexually in the work environment despite the overall rate of harassment reducing significantly. Cassino and Besen-Cassino associated this trend with the economic threat of high unemployment rates among African-American women. Such economic threats compel African-American women to bear the psychological torture of workplace sexual harassment because of fear of losing employment. The article is useful because it touches on the social problem of unemployment, which contributes to that workplace sexual harassment.
Chen, Wen-Hao, and Feng Hou. "The Effect of Unemployment on Life Satisfaction: A Cross-National Comparison Between Canada, Germany, the United Kingdom, and the United States." Applied Research in Quality of Life 14.4 (2019): 1035-1058.
Chen and Hou utilized a comparative perspective to 

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