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Does the Prevalence of Heterosexuality Hinder Homosexual Marriages? (Annotated Bibliography Sample)


Topic: Gay Marriages in a Heterosexual society.
Thesis Statement: The prevalence of heterosexuality does not hinder gay marriages, considering the changing societal attitudes and constitutional clarification about same-sex unions. the paper reviewed five research sources using the apa format. delivered within four hours after ordering.


Does the Prevalence of Heterosexuality Hinder Homosexual Marriages?
Topic: Gay Marriages in a Heterosexual society
Thesis Statement: The prevalence of heterosexuality does not hinder gay marriages, considering the changing societal attitudes and constitutional clarification about same-sex unions.
Annotated Bibliography
Bump, P. (2022). America’s increased acceptance of gay people isn’t about schools. Washington Post. Retrieved 15 September 2022, from
In this newspaper article, Philip Bump discusses the myths associated with groups that oppose homosexuality. Often, people who identify as gays or lesbians feel they cannot enjoy their marriages in a predominantly heterosexual society. However, the writer in this article finds that while schools have played a role in transforming Americans’ attitudes, this transformation is ubiquitous and that gays will not have a problem marrying, given the new perceptions toward same-sex. For example, already 20.8% of people classified as Generation Z, those born between 1997 and 2003, identify with the LGBTQ community (Bump, 2022). The article appears in the Washington Post, which is one of the leading newspapers in the United States. In addition, its information is current and credible. As a result, it will help in my research to argue that gay marriages are still possible due to societal shifts.
Gerstmann, E. (2017). Same-sex marriage and the Constitution (3rd ed.). Cambridge University Press.
In this ebook, Evan Gerstmann shows why the issue of gay marriage will never be a problem again in American society. Following the Supreme Court ruling on the matter, people identifying as homosexuals can now marry their preferred partners without fear of legal implications. Gerstmann (2017) states that gays secured their rights following the Obergefell v. Hodges ruling, which set a precedent for equal protection of all groups, including those in the LGBTQ community. The author further refutes claims that gays cannot freely express themselves due to heterosexuals’ marriage monopolies. This book is credible firstly because it was written by a scholar who teaches at Loyola Marymount University. Secondly, the author has written several similar books, suggesting he is immensely experienced and informed on this subject. Therefore, the book will be helpful when completing the upcoming research paper on the subject of gay marriages, and will be used to validate my thesis statement.
Carlisle, M. (2022). How the Republican party has evolved on same-sex marriage. Time. Retrieved 15 September 2022, from
The Time Magazine is renowned for its credibility, and this article by Madeleine Carlisle is not exceptional. In this piece, the author discusses how gay marriage became acceptable even among the groups that previously opposed it. In particular, the Republicans vehemently objected to any legislation on homosexuality. Similarly, the American public was also opposed, irrespective of their political affiliation. For example, only 53% of all Americans approved of gays as of 2013, but the number reached 70% in 2021, with the number of Republicans supporting the LGBTQ community also rising from 30% to 55% (Carlisle, 2022). The author attributes the changing attitudes to the Supreme Court ruling, which motivated more people to come out as gay. While this article is not scholarly, its findings come from confirmed sources. Consequently, I will be happy to use it to show why gay marriages will thrive as much as those of heterosexuals due to the evolving societal attitudes and legal provisions.
Perper, R. (2022). The 29 countries around the world where same-sex marriage is legal. Business Insider. Retrieved 15 September 2022, from

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