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What is the best way to protect people from coronavirus (Annotated Bibliography Sample)


What is the best way to protect people from coronavirus


Annotated bibliography: Public Safety
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Research Question: What is the best way to protect people from coronavirus
American Red Cross, (2020). “COVID-19: Safety Tips for You.” RedCross.
In this article by the American Red Cross, the main focus is to provide the best ways to reduce and protect oneself from acquiring coronavirus (COVID-19). The article indicates that some communities are reopening during this global pandemic crisis of COVID-19. However, public health suggests that the best way to prevent illness from the disease is avoiding being exposed to the coronavirus. The reason is that COVID-19 has no cure, and the best measure so far is avoiding coming into contact with the virus. The most affected population is one with a weak immune system, severe medical condition. The article is helpful in my research as it talks about tips for preventing and protecting oneself from acquiring then virus. The best ways are washing hands often with water and soap for twenty minutes and staying at home if possible. Also, using hand rub sanitizers reduces coronavirus incubation, wearing of facemask, keep social distance, and covering the coughs and sneezes using the elbow and then sanitize using alcohol-based products.
Bates, J. (2020). “How Coronavirus is Affecting U.S Police Departments.” Times.
Bates, in this article, indicates that amid the coronavirus spreading in the U.S., the police have a hard time to enforce laws and protecting the civilian and themselves. Bates shows that on April 2nd, there were 217,000 confirmed cases and 5,148 deaths in 49 states. Despite the measures put forth, such as social distancing and staying at home, essential workers and first respondent inclusive of the law enforcer are at risk of contracting coronavirus. The law enforcement officers are struggling to balance acts between the civilians and themselves. They may acquire the virus while dealing with public protest, lawbreakers, and offering assistance to the affected population. Hence, the article is important for my study of public safety in association with coronavirus prevention measures. The article offer insights into the danger the police are presented while trying to keep order in public. Charlie Black of Chicago Interim police said that an officer died after contracting the virus. It implies that the police needs to be educated on the best measures such as wearing protective gears, avoid close interaction, and wearing of the face mask when carrying out their duties.
Cordasco, F., Scalise, C., Sacco, M. A., Bonetta, C. F., Zibetti, A., Cacciatore, G., ... & Aquila, I. (2020). The silent deaths of the elderly in long-term care facilities during the Covid-19 pandemic: The role of forensic pathology. Medico-Legal Journal, 0025817220930552.
The article deals with the rising death of the elderly in the care facility during the COVID-19 pandemic. The authors argue that there is a connection between old age and the effect of coronavirus. The elderly are attributed as the people at risk of dying due to the coronavirus due to their weakening immune system and associated elderly diseases. The article shows that most of the COVID-19 deaths are occurring in long-term care facilities since the residence are elderly with chronic diseases. The findings were that in Italy, 80% of victims of COVID-19 were elderly above 70 years. The authors argue that the elderly facilities are becoming unsafe as they are an epidemic outbreak. However, the argument in this article is helpful in the topic of interest about public safety as the main strategies identified for the coronavirus infections are associated with distancing, reduction of recreational activities, and effective use of personal protective gear. Also, surface fumigation is appropriate in reducing the threat of public contamination in most visited facilities such as malls and hospitals.
Haghani, M., Bliemer, M. C., Goerlandt, F., & Li, J. (2020). The scientific literature on Coronaviruses, COVID-19, and its associated safety-related research dimensions: A scientometric analysis and scoping review. Safety Science, 104806.
This article indicates that COVID-19 is a global pandemic due to its global outbreak within a few months. The

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