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Effects of Modern Communication Technology (Annotated Bibliography Sample)

write on the effects of modern communication technology. the paper should contain annotated bibliography. source..
Effects of Modern Communication Technology Student’s Name Course Date Annotated Bibliography Drago, E. (2015). The effect of technology on face-to-face communication. The Elon Journal of Undergraduate Research in Communications, 6(1), 13-19. In this article, Drago elaborates on the effects of electronic use in communication. The author claims that face-to-face communication has been affected negatively due to the recent adopted habits of online communication. The article provides essential information on the negative effects brought about by technology advancement in one-on-one communication. Harrington, J. L. (2011). Technology and society. London: Jones & Bartlett Publishers. In this book, the author focuses on the impact of technology on society. The book provides in-depth analysis of the changes associated with technological development and their significance in society. The book has been used to contribute significantly on both the positive and negative impacts of technology advancement in the paper. Iskandarani, M. Z. (2008). Effects of information and communication technology (ICT) on non-industrial countries-digital divide model. Journal of Computer Science, 4(4), 315-319. In this article, the author reflects on the influence of information and communication technology improvement and the need for its integration in the current systems. The author advocates for training of people and embracement of the technological changes in the society and other fields in life. In his view, technology should be accepted and integrated in the communities' infrastructure. McFarlane, D. A. (2010). Social communication in a technology-driven society: A philosophical exploration of factor-impact and consequences. American Communication Journal, 12, 1-14. This article reflects on the effects and the complexity of today's information technology. The author investigates the crisis caused by modern technology and the effectiveness of the same in the social front. Further, the author provides suggestions on the best ways to handle and improve communication efficiency in the society and work places. Raghupathi, W., Jinhui Wu, S., & Raghupathi, V. (2014). The role of information and communication technology in global sustainability. Journal of Management for Global Sustainability, 2(1), 123-145. The article focuses on the effects of ICT on development and provides measures that may be applied to lead to sustainability. Additionally, the author discusses the challenges faced by the ICT sector during its development and applications in various sectors. The author also points towards the best adaptable ICT practices that may lead to future global sustainability in the ICT world. United Nations Conference on Trade and Development. (2011). Measuring the Impacts of Information and Communication Technology for Development. Obtained from the UN Conference on Trade and Development, this document reflects on the impact of information communication technology in the developed countries. The document investigates the influence of technology on the social, political and economical sectors and provides reliable information to the reader. The main focus of the document is on trade, development, finance and investment in relation to their impacts at the international level. Effects of Modern Communication Technology In the recent past, technological development has led to various changes in the human way of life. Technology advancement has contributed to diverse valuable discoveries in different sectors. Health care facilities have transformed their medical practices significantly while the business world has gone global. Human interaction has also been greatly transformed, and communication has been made affordable, effective and easily accessible. Other sectors that have benefited from changes in technology include transport, security, and environment to mention just a few. With easy access to effective and sophisticated communication technology, information has been easily shared amongst people from different parts of the word. The business world has been noted to take advantage of available technology by using it to expand market boundaries globally. Availability of electronic payment services has lead to effective busines...
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