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Annotated Bibliography
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Human Robotics and Androids (Annotated Bibliography Sample)


Writing an annotated bibliography for the books that were to be used in the research paper.


Human Robotics and Androids
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Human Robotics and Androids
Nocks, L. (2007). The robot: The life story of a technology. Westport, Conn. [u.a.: Greenwood Press. This book covers the technological facet of the life of the robot are deeply addressed with examples of inventions that have been made, their creators, and the intended purpose of each development. Robots, just like all other machines, are considered advantageous when the work they are intended to accomplish is same as or surpasses the efforts used in manufacturing, distribution and operation. This resource will be important in understanding the reception of robots by humans and their economic impacts on workers, lifestyles and businesses.
Chester, Malcolm. (2014). Rise of the Human Androids: Galactic War. Xlibris Corp. This book revisits the area of fiction that contributed greatly to the development of robotics and androids. This is a fictional book, whose plot revolves around the interactions of human beings, human androids and robots. Through these interactions, a crisis erupts, and there is a war. According to the author, human androids form alliances with human beings and fight against the artificial beings and aliens. This book will be important in understanding how far the development of robotics and androids, especially those with senses and emotions, are likely to impact on human interactions, relationships, conflicts and conflict resolution.
HRPR 2010 - Lamers, M. H., & Verbeek, F. J. (2011). Human-robot personal relationships: Third international conference, HRPR 2010 Leiden, the Netherlands, June 23-24, 2010: revised selected papers. Berlin: Springer. This is a conference paper that gives details of the unique approach being used by Yume Project. Their approach is to create androids that appear human in both appearance and interaction. This, they base on the argument that, for human beings to be fully engaged, a compelling and believable character is important. This resource will be used to analyze the possible advantages that can be derived by the inter-disciplinary interactions between technology and art in the creation of believable androids.
Hamilton, J. (2007). Robots and androids. Edina, MN: ABDO Pub. Co. This guide introduces young readers to the world of science fiction. The author uses captivating illustrations and pictures of robots and androids that have been developed. These are vividly described making the reader better understand the purpose of such inventions. The text also has a lot of information on the history, growth and development of robots and androids. This includes the famous Asimov’s three laws of robotics. This book will be used to understand how the three laws of robotics apply in their creation and o...
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