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Annotated Bibliography of Sister Rosetta Tharpe (Annotated Bibliography Sample)

The task was to write an annotated bibliography of sister Rosetta Tharpe. source..
Name: Professor: Course: Date: Annotated Bibliography of Sister Rosetta Tharpe Williams, Richard. Sister Rosetta Tharpe: the godmother of rock and roll. The Guardian. March 18, 2015. Retrieved from /music/2015/mar/18/sister-rosetta-tharpe-gospel-singer-100th-birthday-tribute This source depicts how Rosetta Tharpe has influenced many people in gospel music through songs like Precious Lord and Take My Hand. Tharpe had a rich background in Christian life since her mother was an evangelist. Her mother used to travel with her while she was young and she became interested in music. When she was six years old, she already knew how to perform and play guitar in the church. After going to Chicago, she absorbed the jazz and blues sound, which she used to sing her gospel songs. This source is useful since it tend to show how Tharpe was important in gospel music and how she influenced many people in the God in Christ church. Her love to gospel songs was evident while she was still young. Perez-Luna, Elisabeth. Rosetta Tharpe bridged sacred and secular music with a wicked guitar. Newswork. February 22, 2013. Retrieved from /index.php/local/arts-culture/51357-rosetta-tharpe-bridged-sacred-and-secular-music-with-a-wicked-guitar Tharpe’s guitar style mainly distilled from numerous African-American traditions. She travelled in major hubs in Philadelphia for 15 years for gospel music. Her songs carried spiritual messages. She picked the electric guitar in early times after it was invented. In her documentary American Masters Series, one of her friends clearly states that she was devoted to the roots of the religious. This source is very useful since it depicts some of the achievements that Tharpe made during her lifetime in gospel music. She was capable of keeping the church alive with the saints rejoicing. During the time she was introducing her songs, it was the time when women were not well-known in the music industry. Hence, she faced a lot of challenges but persevered them all. Tucker, Ira. Sister Rosetta Tharpe: The Untold Story. Gibson. April 23, 2007. P .1. Retrieved from /News-Lifestyle/Features/en-us/Sister-Rosetta-Tharpe--The-Untold-Story.aspx Tharpe had a commanding performance since she sang and played with confidence. For example, a piece she kept repeating Up above my head, I hear music in the air. This made the church rise and sing with joy. Her signature style of magical movement with her dramatic circular gesture while her right hand stray the guitar promiscuously was quite fantastic. This source is useful since it show how Tharpe’s signature style made the church lively with her gospel music. Tharpe was the first national star to be known and the most celebrated and thrilling guitarist of the Golden Age. Schnabel, Tom. Sister Rosetta Tharpe: May You Never Be Forgotten. KCRW Rhythm Planet. March 23, 2015. P.1. Retrieved from As a result, of Tharpe being brought up in an evangelist family, her influence to Christians was great through her songs. She popularized her gospel songs in a manner that has never been done again there before. Tharpe’s music preached to both the non-converted and converted since her songs had good sec...
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