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Contemporary Art and Media Culture (Annotated Bibliography Sample)


Course name: Contemporary Art and Media Culture
Essay Proposal Content: 
1) In one paragraph, please express the argument/dominant idea you wish to defend in your paper. 
2) Please list your selected references in your bibliography. Please include after each reference a two-line summary of the selected reference (it’s dominant idea) and why you have selected this reference.
For the 10 reference: 4 materials chosen from class (see attachment for the course readings, you can choose 4 from them)
1 primary source (could be interview/diary of the artist you choose)
5 sources of your own choices (must be peer-reviewed journals or books, no internet sources)
Please ensure you have at least two theoretical references to draw on:
Essay topic: Betwixt Art and Life
Choose one artist/maker of the contemporary visual culture whom you feel an affinity and write a 12-page research paper about him/her and his/her art work. (Could be any type of artist) Discover the “operations” at his/her work (the processes, concerns, social-historical context, struggles of making the art, vision or theory behind the art, inspirations etc. ) around the art-making process of this one specific artist.
Please address these questions as a topic in your paper:
“How did this artist/maker contribute to the social transformations of the times?
How did this artist’s vision seek to collapse/interrogate the boundary between art and everyday life?
What was his/her vision/theory/argument?
How was his/her work in reaction/revolution to the work that came before them?
What was the process/methodology he/she used to express this vision?
What was his/her struggle against the dominant beliefs/historical conditions of the times?
What was his/her greatest opposition, in your personal viewpoint?
Do you think his/her work would have a similar resonance for contemporary culture?

Visual Pop Culture Essay Proposal
Eric Shanes is one of the main contributors of Visual pop culture. His work attempts to express media bombardment of the twentieth and twenty first century in visual culture. Eric Shane’s vision aims at creating a unique art work that focuses on electronic media and its influence in the visual culture. The artist creates crowded and coherent paintings that act as an analogue barraged to which most artists are subjected. Through crowding, Erick Shanes is able to counter minimalism and integrate art and everyday life. His methodology is to develop a visual vocabulary never heard before which draws its ideas from electronic circuits, neon lighting and wave motions. Erik Shane’s greatest opposition is that no other painter can address the overload that concerns visual language in visual culture. Most of his works have a unique resonance to the contemporary culture.
Kellein, T. A Terrible End-In-The Dream of Fluxus-2007-pp.145-167.pdf
In this article, the author analyzes different ways through which artists used to develop a new form of visual culture. The articles will analyses different ways in which visual culture shaped the scenes of music, literature and general art through the fluxus network artists such as Erick Shanes. Through their series of festivals, the fluxus network developed a new dimension of visual culture that opened up new definitions of artworks.
Michelson, A. A Poetics and Salvage Thought –About Anagram in Maya Deren and the American Avant Garde -2001, pp.21-34.Pdf
In this article, the author goes through different forms of visual culture that developed after the world war through the eyes of Maya Deren. Electronic media is one of the areas that visual culture has taken deep root. Eric Shanes is among the pioneers in the area of visual pop culture, Maya Deren has significantly helped in identifying some of his artworks. The theorization of cinema by the Maya Deren involves aspects of linguistic and anthropology which will be used to understand Eric Shane’s artworks
Clifford, James. “On Ethnographic Authority.” In The Predicament of Culture; Twentieth Century Ethnography, Literature, and Art. pp. 21-54.
Clifford James is one of the earliest contributors of visual culture. In this article, Clifford analyses how ethnography has influenced visual culture in the twentieth century. Eric Shanes has also contributed much to ethnography as analyzed in this article.
Deren, Maya. “White Darkness” in Divine Horsemen: The Living gods of Haiti, McPherson, 1953, pp. 247-262.
In this article, Deren Maya analyses film projects that have enhanced visual culture with a cultural background. Through different film projects on paintings and anthropology, this article is relevant in understanding Eric Shane’s visual culture and artwork as an historical and cultural artist. It also offers a unique connection between visual culture and knowledge through the eyes of Eric Shanes.
Rollins, Peter C, and Susan W. Rollins. Gender in Popular Culture: Images of Men and Women in Literature, Visual Media, and Material Culture. Cleveland, Okla: Ridgemont Press, 1995. Print.
This book analyses different gender roles in visual culture images. It also brings out the perceptions of gender in visual pop culture as expressed by Eric Shanes . The authors identify that gender is expressed in different ways in books, novels, movies and theatre.
Shaw, Lisa, and Stephanie Dennison. Pop Culture Latin America!: Media, Arts, and Lifestyle. Santa Barbara, Calif: ABC-CLIO, 2005. Internet resource.
In this book, the author analyses pop culture in Latin America. As one of the contributors of pop culture in Latin America, the books identifies how Eric Shanes has influenced visual culture in terms of arts and lifestyle. Eric Shanes artworks in in America are popular and mainly
Top of Form
Betwixt and between: The Life and Work of Fluxus Artist Dick Higgins : on Exhibit November 16, 2002 Through January 3, 2003. Minneapolis, Minn: Minnesota Center for Book Arts, 2002. Print.
Bottom of Form
The fluxus network contributed much to popular culture. The fluxus network provides one side of visual pop culture that has transformed over the years. Visual pop culture through the fluxus network is constantly evolving due to technology and other external influences. Therefore, this book provides a new perspective on movements of pop culture as influenced by artists like eric shanes.
Wallace, Michele. Dark Designs and Visual Culture. Durham: Duke University Press, 2004. Print
One of the designs used in visual pop culture is dark design. Many people have portrayed dark people differently on their popular artworks. Therefore, this book gives different dimensions as given by Eric Shanes in some of his artworks and lifestyle.
WAGNER, A., & SHERWIN, R. K. (2013). Law, culture and visual studies. Dordrecht, Springer.
This book is i...
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