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Media and Justin Bieber (Essay Sample)


Order Description Choose a national or international event and use that event in order to write an 600-750 word essay responding to the question posed by Sturken and Cartwright, �In what ways are contemporary media forms (television, radio, newspapers, Internet) contributing to a sense of public life or discussion, and in what ways are they detrimental to it?� Hi Writer, we will be working on Justin Bieber\'s recent arrest. He\'s done a lot of shit recently, so be sure to give well-explained descpription about the incident. And then, jump into the analysis. Good luck!. The order must have an introduction, thesis statement, body and conclusion -creative & relevant title -no references required (preferably MLA, if used)

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Media and Justin Bieber
Contemporary media in the form of radio, internet, newspapers and television has enabled people to hear and see global events as they occur (Coleman, Stephen and Karen 34). Media has allowed people to engage and access information in many forms at any time. The modern media is instant, multimodal and accessible, therefore, providing opportunities that never existed before (Coleman, Stephen and Karen 35). For instance, it has given celebrities exposure and publicity, therefore, contributing to their careers. As much as media can contribute to a sense of public life for famous celebrities, it could also be detrimental. This paper will analyze the recent arrest of Justin Bieber in an attempt to examine ways in which modern media forms are contributing to a sense of public life or discussion and sometimes being detrimental to it.
Justin Bieber Arrest.
Justin Bieber was arrested at 4 AM in Miami and charged for drunken driving, driving without a license, overspeeding and resisting arrest charges. According to police report, Justin did not cooperate with the officers but, rather used some abusive language questioning why he was stopped and arrested. The officers who arrested Justin described him as having bloodshot eyes, flushed face and odor of alcohol. According to a CNN Interview with Miami Beach Police Sgt, Justin did not pass the sobriety test. Later, he confessed of having consumed prescription medication and some alcohol and even having smoked marijuana. Bieber was then booked to a Miami jail where he later appeared to a Miami judge through a video link and was released on a standard bond of $2,500 in the following day's afternoon. As he left the jail, a massive number of screaming fans and journalists were waiting for him outside.
Contribution of Media to Public life/Discussion.
Through examination of how Justin Bieber's arrest was carried on by the media, it is possible to highlight how contemporary media is contributing to a sense of public life or discussion. First, internet, radio, newspapers and television enables communication between those who are informed and those who are not. After Justin Bieber's arrest, it only took a few hours for the media fraternity to learn about the unfolding events. The public at large started to learn of Bieber's arrest through social media communications before radios and televisions could learn of the event. Infact, CNN did put an eye catching headline of Bieber's arrest which was broadcast internationally that morning. Millions of Bieber's social media fans took to their Tweeter and Facebook accounts to express their mixed reactions regarding the arrest of their famed superstar. It is through instant communications by use of media tools/ that the public was able to discuss and express their feelings.
Ways in which media could be detrimental to public life/discussion.
As much as the media contributed a lot in making Bieber to be famous, the same media could have detrimental effects by publicizing him negatively on the public domain. Evidently, the followers of Bieber in his social media accounts expressed their sorrow and disappointment to the troubled superstar. The following morning after Bieber's arrest, he became top six in the rank of the most trending hash tags in U.S on Twitter with majority of users expressing outright disappointment and negative emotions towards the star. Additionally, television broadcasting stations such as CNN gave Beiber a negative publicity a...
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