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Communications (Essay Sample)


The task was on communications as a barrier to a relationship. The sample is about the consequences that an individual may face when he or she gets into an interpersonal relationship with a person before trying the intercultural one.

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Intercultural relationships are affairs that involve individuals or groups with dissimilar cultural views. Interpersonal relationships, on the other hand, comprise strong interactions between people or groups who understand each other at personal levels. The latter relationship arises from love, social commitments, inference, or solidarity between the parties involved. The former relationship comes up after the respective parties knowing how they appear before other people with different cultural beliefs. The matching hypothesis, which says that successful relationships are mostly for people attracted to individuals who are as good as them, requires people to choose their friends/partners wisely (Dwyer 74).
Eve’s intercultural relationship with Dennis, who originated from Africa, dated back in the year 2009. They took the same course at Oxford University. Eve did an intensive research on Dennis’ background. She managed to accept their cultural differences and developed a friendly relationship with Dennis. Dennis’ initial beliefs were acceptable. This saw their bonding happen very fast, and it was possible for them to participate in an intercultural communication. The main source of the bond was their similarity in the sense that they both disliked jealousy and anyone talking ill about religions. They also believed that cultural affiliations were individualistic orientations and it was worth experimenting for any possibility of having a successful relationship/friendship, and respect the idea of collectivist orientation that supports cohesion.
Given the proximity of their houses, they could visit each other at their homes. Their intercultural relationship developed into an interpersonal relationship. However, Eve was subjected to a culture s...
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