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Article Review "How to Teach English" by Jeremy Harmer (Annotated Bibliography Sample)

Harmer, Jeremy. "How to teach English." ELT journal 62.3 (2008): 313-316.
Overview. In this article Harmer, Jeremy review on how to teach English. English is a language that is popular in the world and majority of the people globally communicates in English. The type of English one writes or communicates depends on how he/she was taught. Majority of words in English are common while there is a slight variation in some words in English and that is why it is important that teachers should know "how to teach English”. (Jeremy, 313).Variation of the words in English present a challenge in the sense that there will be misunderstanding in communication. Since teachers plays a leadership role in managing the class, the teacher needs to understand the effectives teaching personality so that he/she may deliver quality and success knowledge to an autonomous learner.
The article majorly focuses on why it is importance for teachers to know how to teach English. Teachers should know how to manage their class by applying strategies such as giving instructions clearly, use of voice clarity and effectively, allowing for student participation in class, reading of storybooks frequently and encourage them to speak English even if they are out of school. By applying such strategies the students will be fluent in English. (Jeremy, 314). The importance of this article is that, it emphasize on how to teach English since English is the key to all the subjects and important of all is communication.
Key words: Teach- giving information or instructions on how a particular task or work should be done.
Autonomous- Being independent and able to comprehend every aspect by yourself.
Variation- difference or change in aspects.
Work cited.
Dudeney, Gavin, and Nicky Hockly. How to teach English with technology. Pearson Education, 2007.

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