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Powerlifting and Weightlifting Gym: United Barbell CrossFit, Olympic Style (Annotated Bibliography Sample)


United barbell CrossFit soma is an Olympic style, CrossFit, powerlifting and weightlifting gym located in Soma, San Francisco. the paper explored on various articles that describes the gym.

Unite barbell CrossFit Soma
“‘United Barbell / CrossFit SOMA’ Box, Gym.” WODwell. 1., 2015 Web. 21 July 2015.
United barbell CrossFit soma occupies an area of approximately 4,700ft2. It is an Olympic style, CrossFit, powerlifting and weightlifting gym located in Soma, San Francisco. United barbell was opened in 2008 by Jenny Werba and Olivia Graff. The two met in CrossFit classes as couch and athlete respectively. In 2010, they opened their first united barbell located in in 681 4th St, San Francisco. Their aim was to provide a space that people could meet for the purpose of fitness activities. The space would have to factor in the needs of various age groups and people socially as well as economically. At present, the company celebrates five years of being in operation, having achieved many targets of bringing athletes together and creating a socialization atmosphere for workout.
The head coach of CrossFit united barbell is Jenny Werba, the owner. With her CrossFit level 2 coaching certificate, she works closely with Olivia Graff in leading the coaching team in the CrossFit. They are assisted by James Kusama as the senior coach among other senior coaches. The staff of the united urban all have CrossFit certification of either level one or two. They are divided according to the specific needs of the clients which range from physical fitness to nutritional needs, as well as the level of experience of the new customers in CrossFit. The team includes other management members who help deal with the community directly in advertising the company.
United Barbell CROSSFIT SOMA. “United Barbell - CrossFit SoMa.” 1., 2015. Web. 21 July 2015.
According to the official website of the company, the current focus is on creation of a third space. The third space will basically act as a meeting ground where athletes and members of CrossFit can network with other seasoned athletes. The “third space” will integrate communities, friendships and fun in the training. The current program is developed to offer elements of workout that range from Olympic weight lifting, high-intensity interval training, plyometric, gymnastics, and core training powerlifting. It functions to prepare the athletes body for the unexpected. Given its universal scalability in design, it offers any serous individual an opportunity to perfectly apply their body for the best fitness. In other words. Elites and beginners can both benefit from the program.
Glassman, Greg. “What Is CrossFit.” database online]. Available from http://www. CrossFit. com/cf-info/what-CrossFit. html cited November 1 (2005): n. pag. Google Scholar. Web. 21 July 2015.
CrossFit is basically an aspect of weightlifting, gymnastics and metabolic conditioning. It is unique in that it is performed over short durations and is very intense. The aim is to convert an athlete into a basic machine in the way he moves as opposed to making an individual become machine dependence in their workout. As a conditioning workout, some of the advantages that accrue include among other things, stamina, strength, coordination, power, cardiovascular/respiratory endurance speed, agility, balance, flexibility, and accuracy. Even though it has remained relatively the same since it was invented, other features that allow different ages to be included have evolved with time. In united barbell especially, there are elements that are incorporated to ensure that members of the soma CrossFit give back to the community on various occasions.
Sharyn Alfonsi. “King of CrossFit.” 1., 2015. Web. 21 July 2015.
In the above source, Greg is interviewed as the king of CrossFit. He details how his dream of creating a fitness program that would ensure an all-round athlete came into being. According to Greg, the whole purpose of the program is to deliver the genetic potential of individuals. It pushes an individual to the absolute best and leaves every part of their body muscle and fiber proportional and fit. He also outlines the importance of athletes keeping their training timed against other athletes while observing a strict diet that is more on meat and vegetables. The source is instrumental in comparing how united barbell how modified the original idea in their current program. In more ways, the owners of united barbell have kept the original idea, with a slight change of incorporating community setups that are unique to the soma area.
Kuhn, Steven. “The Culture of CrossFit: A Lifestyle Prescription for Optimal Health and Fitness.” (2013): n. pag. Google Scholar. Web. 21 July 2015.
Greg Glassman is said to be the first man to use CrossFit. As a gymnast, he discovered that a combination of barbell and dumbbell use could increase his fitness scale more than other gymnasts who used only bodyweights. In1995, he became the first gymnast to start a gym in Santa Cruz with CrossFit as the main focus. He was working in Santa Cruz Police department when he began the gym. Formerly, gym instructors had focused on training individuals per session. However, Greg discovered that other than being able to get a maximum workout with a group of individuals at the same time, he also offered the athletes an opportunity to socialize, which kept his customers interested it was through the socialization forum that the CrossFit community was born. By 2000, CrossFit was formal training community, with its first affiliate in North Seattle. It had grown to 13 affiliates by 2005. By 2012, it was estimated that about 3,400 affiliates were present worldwide.
Kodya, Mark. “An Exploration of the History of Weightlifting as a Reflection of the Major Socio-Political E...
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